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15 Magical Tips on How to Study for CSS Exams at Home

How to Study for CSS Exams at Home
Written by Natasha Hanif

15 Magical Tips on How to Study for CSS Exams at Home

Once aspirant decides to become CSP officer is his/her goal, the very next query comes to notice is coaching or self-study. If you have decided to learning from home then make sure that you have a appropriate direction in your homework for CSS Exam.

To crack country’s toughest examination you need not be intelligent and studious. Throughout the examination process FPSC, examine the general knowledge, common sense, aptitude, ethics and communication skill. If you are ready to mold yourself with a proper guidance, you can crack the exam easily by preparing from home.

There have been many aspirants who have cracked and topped in the FPSC Civil Services Examination by studying at home and without attending classroom coaching. They just followed self-paced study method. It is defined as something studied by oneself without any type of help or supervision by a teacher.

Here, we bring you the 15 magical tips that will break the myth that ‘one cannot prepare from home’. Follow these tips to study from home and prepare yourself for the FPSC examinations.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically for examination. Set the goals and devote time effectively. There are so many services in civil services. One has to choose their career accordingly. The different position has different roles. Read through to know the magical tips.

CSS Exam Tips # 1
Know the exam dates

Before you preparing for the FPSC examination you should know about the important dates. The aspirants have to check FPSC website to know about the examination date and for all relevant information.

CSS Exam Tips # 2
Make a time table

To become a CSP officer, it is necessary to be like an officer with a well-organized daily routine. Aspirants should set a comfortable timetable before your preparation and act accordingly to the same. Making timetable will ease your preparation and transform you into an organized person. This is considered as an essential quality of an officer.

CSS Exam Tips # 3
Newspaper Reading

The current affairs gained a crucial role in CSS Examination. In fact, the FPSC conduct this examination does not check the level of candidate’s knowledge. It wants to check the officer like quality with sufficient general knowledge. A student should choose and study daily an English Newspaper. The best option is DAWN and THE NATION. Aspirants should be able to recognize the relevant news. Once you are thorough with your syllabus you will be able to pick out the relevant news and articles from the newspaper. The aspirant should read the editorials and the special articles related to subjects in newspaper. Along with this one has to prepare short notes on the topic to wise using you pragmatic mind, prudence and with the flavor of common sense.

CSS Exam Tips # 4
Choosing Optional

The optional subject plays very significant role in the aspirant’s overall mark of the exam. There are numerous facts which enable the aspirants to choose a particular optional subject. One should choose a comfortable and favorite subject as optional. Devote time for optional with relevant sources of books. While choosing optional one has to be careful.

You can also watch a video on the optional selection below:

CSS Exam Tips # 5
Know the FPSC Syllabus

The syllabus is the soul of any exam. Knowing the syllabus is the basic and foremost thing to do before you go through the book. The FPSC has provided the syllabus for Civil Services Preliminary and Main examination in an elaborative manner. Knowing the syllabus will help you to choose relevant study materials, prioritize the subjects etc.

CSS Exam Tips # 6
General Knowledge and other detailed reference books

The General Knowledge from Class 10 to twelve plays a very important role in FPSC CSS examination preparation. Students can get basic ideas and theories from these textbooks. These books deliver the material very comprehensibly. CSS Aspirants should make a list of these kinds of books.

CSS Exam Tips # 7
Make Short notes

It is very vital to make short notes during FPSC preparation, one cannot presume to gain achievement in examination without concentrated study and without making own notes and rereading them regularly. So, it is important to write down what you recognize in your own words.

CSS Exam Tips # 8
Answer writing Practice

The CSS examination is expressive in nature. It is all about testing the aspirant’s critical, analytical, and communicative skills. It demands the student to think with theoretical clarity and systematizes their view, observation, thoughts in a flawless manner. A vital thing to be kept in mind is the time management. Therefore aspirants have to response the questions speedily and effectively and in least words. Without involved one cannot able to transcribe flawless answers within the allowed time. So it is important to write answers daily. This will improve aspirants’ answer writing skill.

CSS Exam Tips # 9
CSS Past Papers Solving and Practicing

For CSS Exams past papers are the most honest source of information. The key nuts and bolts for CSS examination are practicing CSS Past Papers and FPSC sample papers. It will also help you to know the outline and enhance your correction.
However, CSS aspirants should kept in mind that the past papers do not mean the papers of last 8-10 years. Take the paper, exclusively since the FPSC syllabus and format of the exam has changed else you may find yourself wasting an unnecessary amount of time.

CSS Exam Tips # 10
Important Government Resources

Another important source for FPSC Exam is the government official websites. Television debate talk shows etc. The students should watch these shows and surf official websites to get an inclusive feature about government running programmes. Off course it will help you to figure your own viewpoint.

CSS Exam Tips # 11
Relevant Magazines / Journals

Reading a reliable book does not mean you want to abstract the whole soul of the book. Pick out the related material needed for FPSC exams with the help of revised syllabus. CSS Students should also read Jahangir’s World Times monthly magazine and Times magazine for making you updated.

CSS Exam Tips # 12
Group Discussions / Healthy Discussions

Always make groups for healthy discussion with those friends who are also preparing for the CSS examination. This will lead you to increase the sea of knowledge.

CSS Exam Tips # 13
Use Social Media in Wise and Effective Way

Always use the social media platform, different mobile applications and internet successfully for your CSS preparation.

CSS Exam Tips # 14

Mostly the revision is done in last months of examination. But FPSC demands a daily revision. Daily morning one should go through your short notes which you have prepared already during your preparation. If you have studied sincerely, you should not need over fifteen minutes going through your notes. The very last month of the exam is not an ideal time to aggregate more data. During revision, if you come across something which you do not remember, simply push you forward and don’t get panic. The regular revision will retain your memory power.

CSS Exam Tips # 15
Mock test series

Self-assessment is an essential part of FPSC preparation. It can help civil service aspirant in realizing and learning from mistakes, shaping what approach they need to be followed in continuing the preparation and identifying strengths and weaknesses. It is highly recommended to join mock test series especially when you are preparing from home. This will help you to assess yourself and help you further.

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