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20 Areas to look for in CSS 2020 Essay Exams (Essay)

20 Areas to look for in CSS 2020 Essay Exams (Essay)
Written by KIPS CSS Network

1. The Global indifference towards the right of self determination.

2. Tolerance is the real test of civilization.

3. Environmental Concern is changing the course of both national and international spheres of political,social and economic life.

4. Political Maturity is not a utopian ideal but a distant dream in Pakistan.

5. Education measures the soul of a nation.
6. Feminism in Pakistan and across the globe.

7. Hither Democracy, Thither Populism!

8. Technology rules both the man and the civilization.

9. The menace of Corruption and political sloganeering.

10. The burden of Foreign Aid on crumbling economies is an imposing principle of major powers’ foreign policy.

11. Institutional Reforms and the challenge of Governance and Accountability.

12. The suffering of soul in the 21st Century.

13. The challenge posed by Information, misinformation and disinformation amidst the right of free expression.

14. Climate Change and Indus Water Treaty.

15. The National and Global Energy Crisis.

16. Muslim world at the crossroads./ Is Ummah an outdated concept.

17. United Nations has turned a blind eye or Is it really blind?

18. Are wars inevitable?

19. Social Media as a war zone for competing narratives.

20. We live in a world of business, not in a world of ideology.

Courtesy: Sir Ali Inan
(Faculty  KIPS CSS | Cambridge, UK & Maryland, USA)

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