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300+ Synonym Words List (English Grammar)

Synonym Words List – S

sad ~ unhappy
same ~ alike
savage ~ uncivilized
save ~ preserve
scarce ~ scanty
scrawny ~ skinny
seize ~ apprehend
separate ~ divide
serene ~ peaceful
serious ~ grave
shrewd ~ cunning
shy ~ timid
sick ~ ailing
slim ~ thin
sluggish ~ listless
small ~ little
smooth ~ slick
sociable ~ friendly
sorrow ~ woe
special ~ exceptional
spontaneous ~ instinctive
stable ~ steady
stationary ~ fixed
stimulate ~ motivate
stop ~ quit
strenuous ~ vigorous
strict ~ stringent
strong ~ powerful
stupid ~ unintelligent
subsequent ~ following
successful ~ thriving
sufficient ~ ample
superb ~ magnificent
suppress ~ restrain
surplus ~ excess
swift ~ fast, speedy, hasty
synthetic ~ artificial

Synonym Words List – T

tall ~ high
tangible ~ concrete
taut ~ tense, tight, stiff
tender ~ delicate
terrible ~ dreadful
thaw ~ melt, defrost
thrifty ~ economical
thrive ~ prosper
total ~ whole, entire
trivial ~ insignificant
turbulent ~ tumultuous
turmoil ~ commotion

Synonym Words List – U,V

unbiased ~ impartial
upset ~ perturb, ruffle
urgent ~ crucial
vacant ~ unoccupied
vague ~ unclear
valiant ~ courageous
vibrate ~ quiver, tremble
vicious ~ malicious
victory ~ triumph, win
virtuous ~ righteous
vulgar ~ offensive, uncouth

Synonym Words List – W

wealth ~ riches, prosperity
weary ~ tired, fatigued
wholehearted ~ earnest
wild ~ uncivilized
win ~ triumph, prevail
wise ~ knowing, smart
wonderful ~ marvelous
worn ~ used
wrong ~ mistaken

Synonym Words List – Y,Z

yield ~ produce
zenith ~ peak, pinnacle

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