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Are Academies Necessary for CSS (By: Dr Hina Sikander, CSS Officer)

Are Academies Necessary for CSS (By: Dr Hina Sikander, CSS Officer)

After answering this question 364839262 times in the inbox, I decided to put it up in the post. Share it with the ones who need to know.

Did I join any academy for CSS❓

Do I think I should have joined❓

The sole reason I didn’t join any academy is because I was doing my housejob, and there was no such opportunity in my city. If I had any good teacher/coaching sessions near, I would definitely have joined them.


1. Academies are CSS-ORIENTED

They help you choose subjects wrt scoring trends. They do everything that goes in line with the syllabus and the key standards. Studying by yourself, you get lost into never ending syllabi and never know what to study from where. These give you a direction.

2.  Academies provide you with CONTENT

The recommended books, notes, lectures, references. Moreover, they teach you how to attempt a paper according to CSS standards, which I think is the most significant.

3. Academies give you DISCIPLINE

Academies give you DISCIPLINE and a ROUTINE to concentrate. Procrastination is warded off with deadlines provided.

4. Academies take regular MOCK EXAMS

Academies take regular MOCK EXAMS which, in my opinion, are the most important. No matter how much you have studied, it’s not going to be as good as it should be, if you don’t practice it enough. Even if you study yourself, I encourage you to take mocks and have your content evaluated by experienced teachers.

5. Academies are A BUSINESS

Since a multitude of our population wants to do CSS, Academies prey on this. They charge unnecessarily high and most of the times, out of reach for the majority of the population.

So these are the few points I wanted to share with you all regarding CSS Academies.

Am I attached with any academy?

Which academy do I recommend?
Since I haven’t been to any, I can’t really suggest which one is better. But few of my friends, who happen to be CSS toppers too, are teaching in Lahore and at Nearpeer website. I know they are good. Rest, I have no idea.

Do you have any more questions regarding CSS?
Put them in the comments and I might make a separate post for the topic.

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