English Grammar MCQs

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-3)

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-3)
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Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-3)

Many members of the medical profession are of the opinion that laughter, a common element of everyday life, has —— therapeutic effects on the body.
A) hilarious
B) ridiculous
C) awkward
D) morbid
E) valuable
Answer: E


The fact that safety belts save lives is both —— obvious and also supported by impressive amount of evidence. Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs
A) permanently
B) purposefully
C) conclusively
D) appropriately
E) excessively
Answer: C


Founded to promote the art, science, and practice of rehabilitation care for the people with disabilities, the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) was —— called the American College of Radiology and Psychology. | Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs
A) originally
B) imaginatively
C) adequately
D) obscurely
E) eventually
Answer: A

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As we approach the challenge of the millennium date change, more information is emerging about the potential —— and pitfalls that might face the country.
A) perils
B) guards
C) aides
D) comrades
E) protections
Answer: A

According to the newspaper, the parliament are working on a —— that will abolish all higher education entrance exams. | Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs
A) refusal
B) proposal
C) disposal
D) hindrance
E) horizon
Answer: B

One major aim of the new constitution is to prevent the —— of power by any majority. | Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs
A) misuse
B) compromise
C) completion
D) issue
E) existence
Answer: A

I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture; it wasn’t ——, but it wasn’t too scholarly, either. | Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs
A) oversimplified
B) underestimated
C) overemphatic
D) underrated
E) overdue
Answer: A

As far as we are concerned, the evidence put before the court was not —— enough to convict the man. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) subsequent
B) conclusive
C) adamant
D) earnest
E) consecutive
Answer: B

His poetic output may not be large but, nevertheless, Ted Hughes is generally regarded as one of the —— poets of our time. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) distinguished
B) excessive
C) prolific
D) extensive
E) futile
Answer: C

Through the winter, the bank rates were reasonably steady, but they have started to —— again. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) fluctuate
B) exchange
C) improve
D) incline
E) intensify
Answer: A

The criticism he made concerning the annual fiscal report was —— to the point.
A) remarkably
B) immediately
C) incessantly
D) preferably
E) incompetently
Answer: B

We will repeat the experiment twice in order to —— the results.
A) vanish
B) spill
C) verify
D) sneak
E) pinch
Answer: C

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Diplomatic relations between the two countries, which were —— during the war, have not yet been restored.
A) defeated
B) established
C) severed
D) determined
E) featured
Answer: C

People who are constantly in the public eye must learn to remain —— in the face of criticism.
A) composed
B) resultant
C) appreciated
D) outrageous
E) restored
Answer: A

They raised no —— to his prolonged leave of absence since they didn’t want to lose him altogether.
A) refutation
B) refusal
C) objection
D) refund
E) compulsion
Answer: C

As the conditions of the expedition are likely to be severe, you had better take necessary —— .
A) trials
B) precautions
C) efforts
D) objections
E) attempts
Answer: B

It was felt that the EU had —— on a programme of economic change that the member states could not sustain.
A) surpassed
B) relieved
C) embarked
D) specified
E) retired
Answer: C

To be a leader, it is not enough to be hardworking and knowledgeable; one must also be able to inspire —— .
A) denial
B) restraint
C) discretion
D) confidence
E) reservation
Answer: D

The two major political parties in Britain are currently —— to extreme and radically different approaches to the solution of Britain’s economic problems.
A) referred
B) obsessed
C) committed
D) implied
E) meant
Answer: C

I have looked through the report, but I must admit, only —— .
A) carefully
B) thoroughly
C) superficially
D) seriously
E) experimentally
Answer: C

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