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Communism the Best for Progress and Nation Building

Communism the Best for Progress and Nation Building
Written by Ghulam Zainab

The burning issue now a days is how to remove corruption and nepotism from our country. In spite of having top class army, judicial system and adherents of democratic values, we are victim of malicious diseases and of them corruption which lies in every sector from upper to lower. A layman in this world is just like a fish out of water and the meritorious people are at daggers drawn to create hegemony on resources. The unequal distribution of wealth has brought a huge gap between the proletariats and the capitalists. The rich are feathering their nests and the poor are more miserable. The uncontrolled corruption is bringing heavy loss to the country. Inequality is prevailing everywhere. There is scarcity of food and Population explosion. Will the situation remain same in the coming year? If the situation remained same, there is possibility of revolution as happened in the history. Bit by bit our society is heading toward inhalation.

If we cast a glance over Russia and China, we see that both the countries are becoming super power due to their communism and socialism. 68 years ago, we adopted capitalism and we accepted American offer to become a capitalist country but what benefit we have got from this gross decision of adopting capitalism. Pakistan is a feudalist country and her many land lords have occupied huge amount of wealth. They are lord of lands and they have hired proletariats for overwork and such laborers can’t be able to earn money according to their needs.

While communism is a very likeable system of Govt. by the masses because strong economy and equality are the fruits of this system. It is a system which ceases class differences but in capitalism masses are divided in to classes as aristocratic, mediocre and bourgeois class. The aristocrats enjoy all the luxuries of life and lower class is just exploited by them. While middle class is just sandwiched between both classes. But in communism, class system vanishes and only prevails is parity and no class discrepancy. It generates equality and ensures economic safety because everyone who is capable to do work, he gets the fruit of his work equally to others. There is no economic disparity in this way because poor and rich all get equal importance. Moreover, resources of production are utilized very properly and her lies no corruption and not any kind of money laundering. It uproots the system of capitalism which belies on the accumulation of wealth. It ceases the monopoly of capitalists. Economic prosperity is the promise of communism. It satisfies all the people of communist country and brings symmetry and equilibrium among the masses.

Communism is an impartial form of Govt. because justice for all is guaranteed and same opportunities for all to breed and grow well. In the era of 1951, when we were invited by both Russia and America to be part of their system, we had chosen America just for the reason that communists don’t believe in the existence of God. They give much importance to materialistic things as Marx said that

“God didn’t create man, it is God created by man.”

Such point of view is against the ideology of Islam but we can adopt this system by doing some amendments in it as was done by China for her own benefit. Moreover, the foreign policy of china believes on the changes in communism according to her preferences. So Pakistan should adopt communism by doing some amendments according to the ideology of Islam as 100 of years ago Marx predicted

“One day the whole world will strive for communism.”

It seems that time has come to take massive steps to launch Communism in Pakistan because the war of capitalism has not ended yet and America always stabbed us in the back and we are being exploited everywhere. In short communism is the best way to bring equality prosperity and lawful measures in the country. Now it is the time to shake a leg and take step lest we should repent on it.

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Ghulam Zainab

The authoress is teacher and a content writer. She got degree in MA English literature and have attempted CSS written examination

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