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CSS Optional Subjects MCQs

Criminology Short Questions/Answers (Schools Of Thought throughout History MCQs)

Criminology Short Questions/Answers (Schools Of Thought throughout History Mcqs)
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Criminology Short Questions/Answers
Schools Of Thought throughout History MCQs

Who is referred to as the founder of the Classical School of criminology?
• Beccaria

Who was the founder of the Positivist School?
• Lombroso

At a very young age he authored his most famous work titled, On Crimes and Punishments?
• Cesare Beccaria

On Crimes and Punishments was published in
• 1764

In criminology, the Classical School usually refers to the 18th-century work during the Enlightenment by the utilitarian and social-contract philosophers:
• Jeremy Bentham and Cesare Beccaria

The postmodernist school in criminology applies postmodernism to the study of
• Crime and Criminals

__________shift attention from Marxist concerns of economic and social oppression to linguistic production, arguing that criminal law is a language to create dominance relationships.
• Postmodernists

The primary idea behind ________is that criminals are born as such and not made into criminals
• Positivist criminology

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It is the nature of the person, not nurture that results in criminal propensities. One famous positive criminologist was
• Lombroso

Which of the following persons established what came to be known as the classical school of criminology?
• Cesare Beccaria

Which of the following notions does the classical school of criminology suggest about individual behavior?
• persons weigh the consequences of their behavior

Which of the following views is purported by the positivist school of criminology?
• criminal behaviour stems from biological, psychological and social factors

What did Cesare Beccaria believe that crime problems could be traced to?
• bad laws

Which of the following views on punishment would Cesare Beccaria not agree with?
• it is better to punish crimes than prevent them

Which term did Jeremy Bentham use to describe human equations regarding behaviour?
• felicific calculus

The study of phrenology regarding criminal behavior suggests that:
• bumps on the head were indications of psychological propensities.

Lombroso contended that criminals are distinguishable from noncriminals by:
• atavistic stigmata.

Which of the following traits would be consistent with “born criminals,” according to Lombroso?
• huge jaws and strong canine teeth

Which of the following notions did Emile Durkheim not suggest about crime?
• crime is a result of genetic inferior people

Which category of criminals did Lombroso suggest were not born criminal?
• insane criminals

Why did Enrico Ferri argue that criminals should not be held morally responsible for their crimes?
• criminals are driven to commit crime by conditions in their lives

What term did Raffaele Garofalo use to describe criminal behaviour?
• moral anomalies

Who made the first major challenge to Lombrosian theory?
• Charles Buckman Goring | Criminology Short Questions

Who is credited with the reawakening of Lombrosian theory in 1939?
• Ernest Hooten | Criminology Short Questions

Which of the following treatments did Ernest Hooten recommend for criminals?
• Sterilization | Criminology Short Questions

The term somatotype refers to the relationship of criminal behaviour to:
• body build. | Criminology Short Questions

According to William Sheldon, who is more likely to be involved in illegal behaviour?
• Mesomorphs | Criminology Short Questions

What name did Richard Dugdale assign to the family of more than 1000 members that he studied when concluding that criminality was genetically linked?
• Jukes | Criminology Short Questions

Adolphe Quetelet and Andre Michel Guerry suggested that criminal behaviour is a result of:
• social factors. | Criminology Short Questions

_______view human behaviour resulting from many forces
• Positivists school | Criminology Short Questions

_______contends persons will make rational choices.
• Classical school | Criminology Short Questions

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