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CSS 2018 First Position Holder Shanza Faiq Success Story

Shanza Faiq CSS 2018 First Position Holder

First Position in CE-2018 (LUMS Alumna) Shanza Faiq

Very Missive Story of her successful past experience and academics

B.A-L.L.B., Class of 2016 has received a full tuition scholarship to pursue an L.L.M. in International Development Law and Human Rights from the University of Warwick. Along with this she has also been shortlisted for the Fulbright Scholarship.

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Shanza Faiq has received the prestigious Woman of Pakistan Scholarship at Warwick, which is awarded to one student every year. She received this scholarship due to her high CGPA, numerous extra-curricular activities, determination and desire to bring about a viable change for human rights law in Pakistan.

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Previously, Shanza Faiq spent her summers working at places such as the Attorney General Pakistan’s office, and was also one of the two females to be selected for the Pakistan Youth Parliament from Islamabad. Under the supervision of the Head of Department of LUMS Law School, Shanza Faiq completed the first Senior Year Project of the LUMS Law department, examining “How Pakistan’s current cybercrime act violates the fundamental human rights of its citizens”.

Here’s what Shanza Faiq has to say about her experience at LUMS:

LUMS has played an integral role in helping me achieve all that I set my mind into. The beauty about this institute is that it provides you with a multitude of opportunities and avenues; the onus lies upon you to explore and utilize them. The 5-year law program seems daunting to many, due to the extra year, however it has vastly broadened my mental horizons and allowed me to view the world from a plethora of perspectives. It was this enhanced vision that allowed me to grow cognizant of the blatant human rights abuses that are taking place across all socio-economic strata in Pakistan, particularly for women, religious minorities and the transgender community. It is my hope that this scholarship, alongside my education at LUMS, will amalgamate into a firm foundation, which I can use as a launch pad to kick start, my career as a human rights lawyer.

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