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CSS Essay Paper Tips by: Saeed Wazir

CSS Essay Paper Tips by: Saeed Wazir
Written by Saeed Wazir

CSS Essay Paper Tips by: Saeed Wazir

CSS essay paper tends to be a litmus test for aspirants. Based on factual data and my first hand experience, it’s neither difficult nor impossible to qualify. It’s only different from the rest of the papers on account of its diverse contents, only one_ topic paper and straight knockout in the competition. As am on marathon travelling spree, I have decided to share my random thoughts with the beleaguered CSS community. There might be Syntactic and Semantic errors, therefore, I say apology in advance.

I. The following points must be kept in mind:

A. Pre-exam tips till 11 February

1. Practice daily writing at least 3 hours .It could be free writing or systematic treatment of any topic
2. Try to gather ,master write and memorize outlines of all major topics so that you are confident about the layout, blueprints of the concepts
3. Practice on both blank and lined pages
4. Memories key sugarcoated words related to important topics
5. Refurbish your facts and figures
6. Never try to memorize readymade essays .Try to understand and later apply them.
7. Consult all essays prepared by experts
8. Fix and streamline para dynamics
9. Work on spellings ,grammar, tenses ,punctuation and parts of speech

B. Paper Day Tips

1. Do Complete rest, take sound breakfast and do not study on that day
2. Read Drood shareef frequently for invoking God’s blessings
3. Read all essays very very very carefully
4. Chose the topic you can attempt in the best way
5. Do not think that certain topics are attempted by majority so it’s better to attempt a unique topic .Attempt the topic you can express yourself conveniently .I attempted three times Energy Crises and secured emulating score. It’s not the topic but the treatment of the topics that matters .
6. Choose the topic and fold the paper in a way that all the other topics are hidden and you can see only the topic you have started writing on it

II. Most Important Things

A. Assign the last two pages (right to left) for Rough outline using only one pen
B. Complete outline in rough ranging from 20 to 25 all major and minor headings

III. Now you have laid out the basic structure of essay in rough

A. Now you have to start your essay
B. Do not neat your outline before your whole essay is completed
C. Leave two pages for outline in the beginning of the sheet to be written on and made neat after you have written essay completely ..Why Why Why????

Because as you start writing your introduction, new ideas will come to your mind and you will make amends in the rough outline with Different Pen .Try here to give exact numbers, rearrangements and rephrasing of words and structures …Continue the same process during Body and till Conclusion.

IV. The Real war of Introduction Starts here

A. START introduction (cover thesis Statement, Explain subject and Create interest) Try to be much precise and to the point. It’s your essay in miniature. Only one Paragraph. No quotations and poetry and dictionary definitions…19 to 25 sentences ..250 to 400 words

B. Body Paragraphs .11 to 13 sentence each…180 to 250 words

Take care of ..Cohesion and Coherence, Unity of Thoughts, Pattern of Development, Support and Evidence, Calligraphy, Order

C. Conclusion ties up your essay. Restate all your points. Give optimistic note Read my Article Cracking CSS English Essay in The Weekly Pakistan

V. Reevaluating Your Errors

Most of the teachers recommend correcting spellings and sentences in essay during the last 5 Minutes.

My stance is altogether different. Do not commit errors in outline, Introduction, Two or Three Body paragraphs and conclusion by all means Why? If you have committed errors and then rectified, you have made the examiner conscious and suspicious. He will follow and will punish in the rest of the essay.

Another safe side, Allocate ten Minutes and correct all major errors ,This is the best way to ward off any miscalculation.

A Message of Hope

Do best in Outline, Introduction, two or three body paragraphs and Conclusion. Major chances of securing upper score And Yes it does not mean you do substandard writing in the rest of the Essay as CSS Essay is another name of Balance, Symmetry, Organization and Perfection.

Never try to switch over to another topic in the mid, its Suicidal.
Stay focused and Write to the last moment.
Length doesn’t matter… Quality does matter… Your attempt is the best …Trust yourself…

IF you are not satisfied with your essay paper, do not skip the rest of exam. Previous time, one student wrote 7 pages and secured 48 Marks. Its all about luck and mode of Your paper checker ..I NEED Heartfelt, Sincere prayers…

If students are still confused, I will go live on my Facebook page @ CSS Essay, Precis Saeed Wazir

All the best!

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