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Seerah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) As Individual | CSS Islamic Studies

Seerah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) As Individual | CSS Islamic Studies
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

CSS Islamic Studies | Seerah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) As Individual

Born on the 12th of the Islamic month of Rabbi-ul-awwal in Makkah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was born in the darkest times of Arabia. There was no concept of religion; people worshipped idols made of stones, trees, rivers, the sun and even the moon. Heinous acts such as murder, rape, adultery, gambling was of the norm back then. Female infants were buried alive and grown women were treated as objects. During a dark time like this, where all the attractions of that sinful world were tempting enough to sway any person from the path of righteousness, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) grew up with totally different beliefs about that community as compared to other people. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) lost his father before his birth and then his mother at the age of 6 and his loving grandfather as well at the age of 8. He was then brought up under the protection of his uncle.

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At an early age, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) would not engage in activities the other children of his age did. He had great respect for elders. All his great qualities did not go unnoticed amongst his people, and as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) grew up, he became known as ‘Al-Sadiq‘ (the truthful) and ‘Al-Amin’ (the trustworthy). Even his greatest enemies agreed to both these attributes of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The people who knew him trusted him with their belongings and valuables for safekeeping with surety. At the age of 25, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) set out on a trading caravan for Hazrat Khadija R.A, a respectable lady of the Quraish tribe. She got impressed by his faithfulness and trustworthiness. How he had respect for women and by how righteous he was. They got married, and she was the Holy Prophet’s first wife. Even before rising to Prophet Hood, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) treated every person with respect, forgiveness if they did wrong to him and was really kind hearted towards the poor and the destitute. Never once did he engage in a fight with any person over petty issues. People, regardless of their beliefs and tribes, respected the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for his character and his attitude towards other people. Most importantly the Holy Prophet (PBUH) never used bad language towards any person, not even his enemies.

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He never had any interest in worldly affairs like money and power. Even though the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was from a prestigious tribe of that time (the Quraish), he never showed pride over the people of the not so well off tribes. He showed great love towards children and played with them. He was patient, modest and tolerant towards all walks of his exalted life. He was always helping the poor and needy whenever he had the chance to do so. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was the kindest of people. Even before his Prophet Hood, he had a character that everyone (foes and friends alike) appreciated and respected. His life before the Prophet Hood alone is the perfect role model to follow for every person. If there would be a person perfect in all walks of life, he would be the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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