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My CSS Journey By Dr Hina Sikander (CSS Officer)

My CSS Journey by Dr Hina Sikander

My CSS Journey By Dr Hina Sikander (CSS Officer)

“When asked the question What’s ColdWar? back in October 2016, I answered it to be some war fought in winters. That’s where I stood and fast forward 2-3 months, I appeared in CSS exams and passed it in my maiden attempt. (Disclaimer: This is not your random inspirational story regarding CSS )

I have always been a blessed person; have had an excellent academic career all my life, excelled in speeches/debates and other co-curricular activities as well. Allah has always been very kind to me, Alhumdullilah.

I am (rather “was”) a dentist by profession. I was doing my housejob when I came across the idea of doing CSS. I was lucky enough to find a sincere friend who guided me throughout. (Thank you, Abrar!) My preparation during these 2-3 months was very unconventional. Now people ask me which subjects to choose, which books to follow; I can never give them the right answer. I, almost, ‘randomly’ chose the subjects who I thought were interesting, least aware of the scoring trends. I actually didn’t study from any book at all. I joined no academy, went to no teacher, took no mock exams. It was just me and my laptop for those 2 months.

I believe It’s not about the quantity of time you give to your preparation but the quality. With limited time (I was doing my housejob alongwith too), an unending course to cover and absolutely no background knowledge of whatever I was studying, I never gave up. I strongly believe in “Law of Attraction”. I have faith that your optimistic energies bring positivity in your life.

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Studying for CSS is never a failure, even if you don’t pass the exam all 3 times. I have always been an inquisitive soul and to come across a vast array of information I was never exposed to, I was in my own heaven. Learning all these new things changed me, for better.

My advice to the aspirants is to Take a chill pill! It’s not as horrendous as being portrayed. You don’t need to torture yourself! Take a deep breath, prioritise studying for your mental growth, not only for the exam. Provide yourself with the opportunity to enjoy your journey towards CSA; It deserves it. Be curious! Be happy!

Be grateful! “ ♥

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