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May 2021

Daily Top-10 Current Affairs MCQs / News (May 12, 2021) for CSS, PMS

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Written by Shahzad F. Malik

May 12, 2021: National / International Current Affairs

1. Rs340bn projects registered under construction package

• As many as 1,083 projects worth Rs340 billion have been registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) along with another 292 tentative projects with an indicative investment of Rs43bn under the prime minister`s package for the construction industry.
• About 3,851 buyers had shown interest in purchasing properties by availing tax incentives for the construction sector till May 6.The builders and developers are required to get registered on computer-based IRIS software of the FBR on or before June 30 this year and the projects should be completed before Sept 30, 2023.

2. Shehroze Kashif becomes youngest Pakistani to scale Everest

• Shehroze Kashif, 19, from Lahore, became the youngest Pakistani mountaineer to reach the summit of the 8,849-meter Mount Everest, the world`s highest peak located in Nepal, on May 12, 2021 morning.
• Mr Kashif confirmed the summit in early hours of Tuesday through a post on his official Facebook page, saying: `History has been made! Masha Allah I have summited the Everest.
• Chhang Dawa Sherpa, the Nepalese mountaineer and the expedition manager of Seven Summit Treks, wrote on his Facebook page: `Huge congratulations to Shehroze Kashif, 19, on becoming the youngest Pakistani to have climbed the Mt. Everest (8848.86m).

3. GCU starts publishing academic journals, other publications

• The Government College University (GCU) Press has started publishing academic journals and other university publications.
• During its first year, it published scholarly journals in the disciplines of English, History, Persian, Punjabi and Psychology.
• It has also published the university`s prospectus and other similar documents.
• The GCU Press is a not-for profit organisation and the university is now considering diverting a portion of research funds to its press to commission innovative academic monographs by scholars

4. Taliban capture key district near Afghan capital

• The Taliban captured a key district just outside the Afghan capital Kabul in central Wardak province, forcing government forces to retreat, security officials said on May 11, 2021.
• The seizure of Nerkh district comes amid intensifying violence following an announcement by the Islamist group of a three-day ceasefire in Afghanistan for the Muslim religious holiday of Eid, starting this week.
• Tariq Arian, an interior ministry spokesman, said government troops made a `tactical retreat` from the district centre, which is a gateway to Kabul, after a heavy firefight with the Taliban

5. OIC envoys deplore Israeli actions against Palestinians

• The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), at a meeting in New York, has unanimously endorsed Pakistan`s proposal for issuing a joint statement deploring the Israeli actions against Palestinians.
• The meeting also approved a proposal from the ambassadors of Turkey and Saudi Arabia for mobilising international support to convene a special session of the General Assembly on the situation. The OIC envoys set up a core group of member states as well to highlight this issue at the UN. Pakistan is a key member of this core group

6. US puts brake on UN Council statement over Gaza situation

• The United States is delaying United Nations Security Council efforts to issue a public statement on escalating tensions between Israel and the Palestinians because it could be harmful to behind-the-scenes efforts to end the violence, according to diplomats and a source familiar with the US strategy.
• The source said Washington was `actively engaged in diplomacy behind the scenes with all parties to achieve a ceasefire` and was concerned that a council statement might be counterproductive at the moment.
• The Security Council privately discussed on May 11, 2021 clashes in East Jerusalem around Al Aqsa mosque

7. 28 killed as Israel rains death and destruction on Gaza

• A confrontation between Israel and Hamas sparked by weeks of tensions in contested Jerusalem escalated on May 11, 2021 as Israel unleashed new air strikes on Gaza while militants barraged southern Israel with hundreds of rockets.
• The exchange killed a number of militants and civilians in Gaza and at least two Israelis.
• A 13-storey residential block in Gaza containing a civilian Hamas office col-lapsed after one of several dozen Israeli air strikes while Israelis reported explosions and sirens more than 70 kilometres up the coast from Gaza

8. China posts slowest population growth in decades

• China`s population has grown at its slowest pace in decades, reaching 1.41 billion, census results showed on May 11, 2021, highlighting fears of a looming crisis over an ageing society. The growth of 5.4 per cent over the past decade was the slowest since the 1960s, and comes alongside a sharp drop in the number of working age people.
• China remains the world`s most populous nation but its neighbour India is catching up with around 1.38bn people, and its youthful population is expected to overtake China in the near future.
• After nearly 40 years of a controversial `one-child` policy, Beijing in 2016 allowed families to have two children as fears grew about China`s shrinking workforce

9. Spacecraft starts return to Earth after collecting asteroid samples

• A NASA spacecraft, which scientists believe has collected samples from an asteroid, began its two-year journey back to Earth.
• Nasa`s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is attempting to complete a mission to visit Bennu, a skyscraper-sized asteroid some 200 million miles (320 million km) from Earth, survey the surface, collect samples and deliver them back to Earth.
• Staff celebrated at the OSIRISREx control room in Colorado as the space vehicle pushed away from the asteroid, whose acorn-shaped body formed in the early days of our solar system. OSIRIS-REx arrived at Bennu in 2018.

10. Olympic torch relay pulled off streets in Hiroshima

• The Tokyo Olympic torch relay is being pulled off the streets in Hiroshima prefecture as coronavirus (Covid-19) cases rise in Japan barely 10 weeks before the opening ceremony.
• Hiroshima Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki said that a ceremony next week without the relay is likely to still take place. This is at least the sixth change to the relay from rerouting to cancellation in the last several weeks.
• Organisers warned before the relay began that changes and delays were expected in the face of the pandemic

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