May 2021

Daily Top-10 Current Affairs MCQs / News (May 17, 2021) for CSS, PMS

Written by Shahzad F. Malik

May 17, 2021: National / International Current Affairs

1. Israel must stop attacks, evictions: UNSC members

• All members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), who participated in an emergency meeting on the situation in Palestine on Sunday, urged Israel not to make demographic and territorial changes in the occupied territory and immediately cease its hostilities.
• The UNSC members also underlined the need for a two state solution, with Palestinians having an independent state with internationally recognised borders.
• `What has happened proves once again that an enduring settlement can only be achieved on the basis of the two-state solution,` said Foreign Minister Wang Yi of China, which holds the council`s rotating presidency for the month of May

2. Irsa increases water supply to Sindh

• While blaming the Sindh`s higher losses and climate change conditions for recent dip in river flows, the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) on Sunday increased water supply to the province and asked the Pakistan Peoples Party leadership to refrain from politicising a technical matter.
• `As of today the share of Sindh, with immediate effect, has been increased from 66,000 cfs (cubic feet) to 71,000 cfs,` said the water regulator, adding that the province was reporting 39pc losses in its areas against a permissible limit of 30pc.

3. Govt, KE to sign agreement for supply of 2,050MW to Karachi

• While de-linking the past payables and receivables worth hundreds of billions of rupees, the government and the K-Electric have agreed to sign a new power purchase agreement (PPA) for supply of a total of 2,050MW to Karachi instead of historic 650MW under which the government would make timely payment of tariff subsidies and the KE would clear its power bills through standby letters of credit (SBLC).
• In doing so, the government has made a commitment to also sign a separate agreement for payment of market-based mark-up on delayed subsidy payments by the ministry of finance. The KE would provide SBLCs backed by an escrow account to ensure that the Central Power Purchase Agency (CPPA) gets automatic payments for the monthly bills on account of power supply to the KE. The old payables and receivables would be settled through arbitration

4. Pakistan deplores Israel`s systematic aggression against Palestinians

• Pakistan on May 16, 2021 strongly condemned Israel`s systematic assault against Palestinian worshippers in the Haram-al-Sharif and its continued policy of expansion of its illegal settlements.
• In a rejoinder to the UN Security Council, Pakistan appreciated the council`s decision to hold a meeting to discuss the extremely grave situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Jerusalem, adding: `it is regrettable that the Council has been unable to even hold this meeting and to take action to halt Israeli aggression for so long

5. Israeli strikes kill 42 in Gaza Strip

• Israeli strikes killed 42 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on May 16, 2021, the worst daily toll yet in almost a week of deadly clashes.
• The heaviest fire in years, sparked by unrest in Jerusalem, has killed 192 people in the crowded coastal enclave of Gaza since Monday last along with 10 in Israel, according to authorities on either side.
• Israel said on Sunday morning its `continuing wave of strikes` had in the past 24 hours struck over 90 targets across Gaza, where the destruction of a building housing news media organisations sparked an international outcry

6. UK confident vaccines protect against Indian variant

• Britain is confident that existing vaccines will provide protection from a more transmissible Indian coronavirus variant now spreading across the country, Heath Secretary Matt Hancock said on May 16, 2021.
• And hours later, he was able to announce that the country had passed the milestone of 20 million adults vaccinated with two doses of the coronavirus jab.
• The news came just before England, Scotland and Wales were set to unlock parts of their economy on Monday

7. OIC asks UNSC to intervene for end to Israeli attacks

• The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on May 16, 2021 held Israel responsible for violence in Palestinian territories and called on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to urgently take action to stop these attacks by the Israeli forces.
• A resolution adopted at the end of a virtual open-ended extraordinary meeting of the OIC Executive Committee on Israeli aggression said it `underscores the responsibility of the Security Council to act swiftly to end the Israeli occupation`s barbaric attacks on the Palestinian people`

8. Top virologist quits Indian govt panel

• A top Indian virologist has resigned from a forum of scientific advisers set up by the government to detect variants of the coronavirus, he said on May 16, 2021, weeks after questioning the authorities` handling of the pandemic.
• Shahid Jameel, chair of the scientific advisory group of the forum known as INSACOG, declined to give a reason for his resignation.
• `I am not obliged to give a reason,` he said in a text message, adding that he quit on Friday

9. Fighting resumes in Afghanistan as ceasefire ends

• Fighting between the Taliban and Afghan government forces resumed on May 16, 2021 in the restive southern province of Helmand, officials said, ending a three-day ceasefire agreed by the warring sides to mark the Eid ul Fitr holiday.
• Violence has soared as the United States military presses ahead with a plan to withdraw all of its troops by September, bringing an end to a 20-year military operation in Afghanistan.
• Clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces erupted early on Sunday when the insurgents attacked security checkpoints on the outskirts of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, said provincial council chief Attaullah Afghan

10. Sharks use magnetic field as GPS, say scientists

• Sharks use the Eahh`s magnetic field as a son of natural GPS to navigate journeys that take them great distances across the world`s oceans, scientists have found.
• Researchers said their marine laboratory experiments with a small species of shark confirm long-held speculation that sharks use magnetic fields as aids to navigation behavior observed in other marine animals such as sea turtles.
• Their study, published this month in the journal Current Biology, also sheds light on why sharks are able to traverse seas and find their way back to feed, breed and give binh, said marine policy specialist Bryan Keller, one of the study authors.

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