Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (06 April 2020)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (06 April 2020)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
April 06, 2020

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Adverse (adjective) برعکس، الٹا، ناموافق، مخالف

preventing success or development; harmful; unfavourable.
Example: “taxes are having an adverse effect on production”.
Synonyms: unfavourable, disadvantageous, inauspicious, unpropitious, unfortunate, unlucky, untimely.
Antonyms: favourable, beneficial, positive, friendly.

Fraught (adjective) معنی خیز، بھرا ہوا، لدا ہوا

(of a situation or course of action) filled with or likely to result in (something undesirable).
Example: “marketing any new product is fraught with danger”.
Synonyms: anxious, worried, upset, distraught, overwrought, agitated, distressed, distracted.
Antonyms: calm.

Dilute (verb) کمزور، پتلا کرنا، ملاوٹ کرنا

make (a liquid) thinner or weaker by adding water or another solvent to it.
Example: “bleach can be diluted with cold water”
Synonyms: make weaker, weaken, thin out, thin, make thinner, water down, add water to, mix.
Antonyms: concentrate

Negate (verb) غلط ثابت کرنا، انکار کرنا، نفی کرنا

make ineffective; nullify.
Example: “alcohol negates the effects of the drug”
Synonyms: invalidate, nullify, render null and void, render invalid, make ineffective, neutralize.
Antonyms: confirm, support, validate.

Ethical (adjective) اصولی، اخلاقی

relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.
Example: “ethical issues in nursing”
Synonyms: morally correct, right-minded, right-thinking, principled, irreproachable, unimpeachable.
Antonyms: unethical

Destitute (adjective) محتاج، مفلس، بے سہارا

extremely poor and lacking the means to provide for oneself.
Example: “the charity cares for destitute children”.
Synonyms: penniless, impoverished, poverty-stricken, poor, impecunious, indigent, down and out.
Antonyms: rich.

Nosedive (verb) اچانک آنا

(of an aircraft) make a nosedive.
Example: “the plane nosedived into the ground and exploded”.
Synonyms: dive, plunge, pitch (down), drop rapidly, swoop, plummet, crash-dive.
Antonyms: soar, climb, zoom.

Abiding (adjective) پائیدار، باقی رہنا

(of a feeling or memory) lasting a long time; enduring.
Example: “he had an abiding respect for her”.
Synonyms: enduring, lasting, persisting, long-lasting, lifelong, continuing, remaining, surviving.
Antonyms: short-lived, ephemeral, transitory.

Crusader (noun) صلیبی جنگ کرنے والا

a fighter in the medieval Crusades.
Example: “crusaders for early detection and treatment of mental illnesses”
Synonyms: campaigner, fighter, battler, champion, advocate, promoter, enthusiast, reformer.
Antonyms: dabbler, dilettante.

Cognizant (adjective) آگاہی، شعور

having knowledge or awareness.
Example: “statesmen must be cognizant of the political boundaries within which they work”
Synonyms: aware, conscious, apprised, abreast, sensible of/to, alive to, sensitive to, alert to.
Antonyms: ignorant, insensible, unaware, unconscious

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