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Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (02 May 2020)

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
May 02, 2020

Apathy (noun) بے حسی، مردہ دلی، سنگدلی

lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
Example: “widespread apathy among students”
Synonyms: indifference, lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm, lack of concern, unconcern, uninterestedness.
Antonyms: enthusiasm, interest, passion

Ostensibly (adverb) بظاہر، بادی النظر، بناوٹی طور پر

as appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so; apparently.
Example: “the party secretary resigned, ostensibly from ill health”
Synonyms: apparently, seemingly, on the face of it, to all appearances, on the surface
Antonyms: genuinely, really, truly

Disdain (noun) حقارت، توہین، حقیر سمجھنا، نفرت کرنا

the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect.
Example: “her upper lip curled in disdain”
Synonyms: contempt, scorn, scornfulness, contemptuousness, derision, disrespect, disparagement.
Antonyms: admiration, respect

Affluent (adjective) امیر، دولتمند، متمول

(especially of a group or area) having a great deal of money; wealthy.
Example: “the affluent societies of the western world”
Synonyms: wealthy, rich, prosperous, opulent, well off, moneyed, cash rich, with deep pockets.
Antonyms: poor, impoverished

Befuddle (verb) چکرانا، مست کیا ہوا، بدمست کرنا

cause to become unable to think clearly.
Example: “even in my befuddled state I could see that they meant trouble”
Synonyms: confused, muddled, addled, bewildered, disoriented, disorientated, all at sea, mixed up.
Antonyms: clear

Confront (verb) کسی چیز کا مقابلہ کرنا، سامنا کرنا

come face to face with (someone) with hostile or argumentative intent.
Example: “300 policemen confronted an equal number of union supporters”
Synonyms: challenge, square up to, oppose, resist, defy, beard, tackle, attack, assault.
Antonyms: avoid

Succumb (verb) ہار ماننا، شکست مان لینا، مجبوراً تسلیم کرنا

fail to resist pressure, temptation, or some other negative force.
Example: “we cannot merely give up and succumb to despair”
Synonyms: yield, give in, give way, submit, surrender, capitulate, cave in, be overcome by.
Antonyms: resist, conquer

Catharsis (noun) ذہنی دباﺅ ختم کرنا، اسہال،دست

the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
Example: “music is a means of catharsis for them”
Synonyms: purging, purgation, purification, cleansing, release, relief, emotional release, freeing.
Antonyms: repression

Disarm (verb) غیر مسلح کرنا، نہتا کرنا

take a weapon or weapons away from (a person, force, or country).
Example: “guerrillas had completely disarmed their forces”
Synonyms: deprive of arms, take weapons from, render defenceless, make powerless, demilitarize.
Antonyms: arm, militarize

Scourge (noun) سزا دینا، کوڑے مارنا

a person or thing that causes great trouble or suffering.
Example: “the scourge of mass unemployment”
Synonyms: affliction, bane, curse, plague, menace, evil, misfortune, burden, cross to bear.
Antonyms: blessing, godsend

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