Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (24 February 2020)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (24 February 2020)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
February 24, 2020

Truce (noun) جنگ بندی، عارضی صلح

an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time.
Example: “the guerrillas called a three-day truce”
Synonyms: ceasefire, armistice, suspension of hostilities, cessation of hostilities, peace, break, respite
Antonyms: fighting, hostilities

Dislodge (verb) ختم کرنا، نکال دینا

knock or force out of position.
Example: “the hoofs of their horses dislodged loose stones”
Synonyms: remove, move, shift, displace, knock out of place, knock out of position
Antonyms: conceal, hide

Florid (adjective) گلفام، رنگین، زریں

having a red or flushed complexion.
Example: “a stout man with a florid face”
Synonyms: ruddy, red, red-faced, reddish, rosy, rosy-cheeked, pink, pinkish, roseate, rubicund
Antonyms: pale

Pledge (verb) گروی، کفالت ، گرو، عہد کرنا

commit (a person or organization) by a solemn promise.
Example: “the government pledged itself to deal with environmental problems”
Synonyms: promise, give one’s word, vow, swear, give an assurance, give an undertaking
Antonyms: word, promise, assurance, parole

Promulgate (verb) اعلان کرنا، شائع کرنا

promote or make widely known (an idea or cause).
Example: “these objectives have to be promulgated within the organization”
Synonyms: make known, make public, publicize, spread, communicate, propagate, disseminate, circulate
Antonyms: repress, conceal, suppress, stifle, hush, burke

Proviso (noun) شرط، عہد نامے، اقرار

a condition or qualification attached to an agreement or statement.
Example: “he let his house with the proviso that his own staff should remain to run it”
Synonyms: condition, stipulation, provision, clause, rider, qualification, restriction, reservation

Aisle (noun) بغلی راستہ، طویل تنگ راستہ

a passage between rows of seats in a building such as a church or theatre, an aircraft, or train.
Example: “the musical had the audience dancing in the aisles”
Synonyms: passage, passageway, corridor, gangway, walkway, path, lane, alley
Antonyms: divide, separate

Rampant (adjective) روز بروز بڑھتی ہوئی، حد سے زیادہ، وحشیانہ

(especially of something unwelcome) flourishing or spreading unchecked.
Example: “political violence was rampant”
Synonyms: uncontrolled, unrestrained, unchecked, unbridled, widespread, pandemic, epidemic
Antonyms: controlled, under control

Opaque (adjective) مبہم، غیر شفاف، دھندلا

not able to be seen through; not transparent.
Example: “bottles filled with a pale opaque liquid”
Synonyms: non-transparent, cloudy, filmy, blurred, smeared, hazy, misty, dirty, dingy
Antonyms: transparent, translucent, clear

Embryonic (adjective) جینیاتی، خام، ادھورا

relating to an embryo.
Example: “slight differences in embryonic development”
Synonyms: fetal, unborn, unhatched
Antonyms: mature

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