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Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 21 November 2018

Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 15 November 2018
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Egregious (adjective)
بہت برا، اشد،سخت

outstandingly bad; shocking.
Example: “egregious abuses of copyright”
Synonyms: blatant, conspicuous, flagrant, glaring, gross, obvious
Antonyms: imperceptible, inconspicuous, unnoticeable, unobtrusive

Insidious (adjective)
دھوکہ دینے والا، فریبی، دغا باز

proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with very harmful effects.
Example: “sexual harassment is a serious and insidious problem”
Synonyms: stealthy, subtle, surreptitious, sneaking, cunning, crafty,
Antonyms: straightforward

Arbitrary (adjective)
صوابدیدی، خودمختار،من مانی

based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.
Example: “an arbitrary decision”
Synonyms: capricious, whimsical, random, chance, erratic, unpredictable, inconsistent, wild
Antonyms: rational, reasoned

Contemplate (verb)
غور و فکر، نیت کرنا، ارادہ کرنا

look thoughtfully for a long time at.
Example: “he contemplated his image in the mirrors”
Synonyms: look at, view, regard, examine, inspect,
Antonyms: forget, ignore, neglect, reject

Proliferate (verb)
تعداد میں رکھنا، بڑھنا، پھولنا

increase rapidly in number; multiply.
Example: “the science fiction magazines which proliferated in the 1920s”
Synonyms: increase rapidly, grow rapidly, multiply, become more numerous
Antonyms: decrease, dwindle

Commemorate (verb)
یادگار، یاد دلانا، ذکر کرنا

recall and show respect for (someone or something).
Example “a wreath-laying ceremony to commemorate the war dead”
Synonyms: celebrate, pay tribute to, pay homage to, honour, salute,
Antonyms: disregard, forget, ignore, overlook

Hazardous (adjective)
مضر، خطرہ، خطرناک

risky; dangerous.
Example “we work in hazardous conditions”
Synonyms: dangerous, risky, unsafe, perilous, precarious, insecure, tricky
Antonyms: safe, secure, certain

Obscure (adjective)
غیر واضح، مبہم، ابہام

not discovered or known about; uncertain.
Example “his origins and parentage are obscure”
Synonyms: unclear, uncertain, unknown, in doubt, doubtful,
Antonyms: famous, renowned

Downtrodden (adjective)
مظلوم، جس کے ساتھ برا سلوک ہو

oppressed or treated badly by people in power.
Example “a downtrodden proletarian struggling for social justice”
Synonyms: oppressed, subjugated, persecuted, subdued, repressed,
Antonyms: rich, wealthy, happy, respected, satisfied

Assorted (adjective)
مختلف، مختلف نمونوں اور قسموں سے بنا ہوا

of various sorts put together; miscellaneous.
Example: “bowls in assorted colours”
Synonyms: mixed, varied, variegated, varying, various, miscellaneous
Antonyms: similar, identical

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