Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 21 October 2018

Dawn Newspaper Vocabulary 21st October 2018
Written by Rida Fatima

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Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
October 21, 2018

 Opaque مبہم / دھندلا

Difficult to understand or explain
Synonyms: ambiguous, deep, arcane
Antonyms: clear, unequivocal

Entanglement کسی پیچیدہ چیز یا معاملے میں الجھا ہوا

Something that catches or holds
Synonyms: web, quagmire
Antonyms: disentangle, release

Predicament بری حالت یا حال

A difficult or unpleasant situation
Synonyms: crisis, mess, dilemma
Antonyms: advantages, benefit

Malaise بے چینی

A problem or Condition that harms or weakness a group or society etc.
Synonyms: unhappiness, restlessness, uneasiness
Antonyms: comfort, well-being

Pretext بہانہ یا عذر

A reason that you give to hide your real reason for doing something
Synonyms: excuse, false excuse, ostensible reason
Antonyms: reality, back, truth, rear

Throttling محدود کرنا یا حد مقرر کرنا

1) To defeat (Someone or something) easily or completely.
2) to not allow to grow or develop.
Synonyms: garrote, suffocate, choke
Antonyms: restore, revive

Consolidated استحکام یا جوڑنا

1) To join or combine together into one thing
2) To make something (such as a position of power or control) stronger or more secure.
Synonyms: combine, unite, merge, integrate

Reprimand سرزنش یا مذمت کرنا

An often public or Formal expression of disapproval.
Synonyms: rebuke, reproof, admonishment, admonition,
Antonyms: praise, commendation

Leer ترچھی نگاہ / بری نظر

To look at someone in an evil or unpleasantly sexual way.
Synonyms: ogle, look lasciviously, look suggestively,

Austerity سادگی

Sternness; severity of manner
Synonyms: coldness, gravity
Antonyms: luxuriousness, elaborateness

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