Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning 28 January 2019

Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning 28 January 2019
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Every aspirant knows the importance of English language and vocabulary. In order to facilitate the aspirants, we have started a new trend of posting vocabulary on our website. The vocabulary will include the words from dawn newspaper along with their meanings which will save a lot of time of the aspirants.
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Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
January 28, 2019

Bemoan (verb) افسوس، نوحہ کرنا، رونا

express discontent or sorrow over (something).
Example: “it was no use bemoaning her lot”
Synonyms: lament, bewail, deplore, complain about, express regret about; mourn, grieve over,
Antonyms: applaud

Perceive (verb) خبر، ادراک کرنا،جاننا ، سمجھنا

become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.
Example: “his mouth fell open as he perceived the truth”
Synonyms: discern, recognize, become cognizant of, become aware of, become conscious of,
Antonyms: disbelieve, disregard, ignore

Espionage (noun) جاسوسی، مخبری

the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information.
Example: “the camouflage and secrecy of espionage”
Synonyms: spying, undercover work, cloak-and-dagger activities, surveillance, reconnaissance

Alarmist (noun) دہشت انگیز، سنسنی پیدا کردینے والا،

someone who exaggerates a danger and so causes needless worry or panic.
Example: “the problem is a fabrication by alarmists”
Synonyms: scaremonger, gloom-monger, doom-monger, voice of doom, doomster, doomsayer,
Antonyms: optimist, Pollyanna

Nuance (noun) پہلو، نازک فرق، شائبہ، نازک پہلوﺅں کی طرف اشارہ

a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound.
Example: “he was familiar with the nuances of the local dialect”
Synonyms: fine distinction, subtle distinction/difference, shade, shading, gradation, variation
Antonyms: brightness, information

Tepid (adjective) تھوڑے تھوڑے گرم، نیم گرم،شیر گرم

(especially of a liquid) only slightly warm; lukewarm.
Example: “she soaked a flannel in the tepid water”
Synonyms: lukewarm, warmish, slightly warm; at room temperature; chambré
Antonyms: hot, cold

Precipitous (adjective) عمودی، کھڑا، اچانک،عمودی ڈھلوان

dangerously high or steep.
Example: “the track skirted a precipitous drop”
Synonyms: steep, sheer, high, perpendicular, abrupt, sharp, dizzy, vertiginous, vertical, bluff
Antonyms: calm, flat, kind, nice, gradual

Articulate (adjective) واضح، جڑا ہوا

having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently.
Example: “an articulate account of their experiences”
Synonyms: eloquent, fluent, communicative, effective, persuasive, coherent, lucid, vivid
Antonyms: inarticulate, hesitant, unintelligible

Spectacle (noun) تماشہ، عینک، نظارا، منظر

a visually striking performance or display.
Example: “the acrobatic feats make a good spectacle”
Synonyms: display, show, performance, presentation, exhibition, pageant, parade, extravaganza
Antonyms: hiding, expectation, normality, ordinariness

Unscrupulous (adjective) بے ایمان

having or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair.
Example: “unscrupulous landlords might be tempted to harass existing tenants”
Synonyms: unprincipled, unethical, immoral, amoral, conscienceless, untrustworthy, shameless,
Antonyms: ethical, honest

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