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Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning 30 September 2019

Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning 30 September 2019
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Every aspirant knows the importance of English language and vocabulary. In order to facilitate the aspirants, we have started a new trend of posting vocabulary on our website. The vocabulary will include the words from dawn newspaper along with their meanings which will save a lot of time of the aspirants.
So, keep in touch with CSS Times for daily vocabulary from dawn.

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Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
September 30, 2019

Deride (verb) مذاق اڑانا، تضحیک

express contempt for; ridicule.
Example: “the decision was derided by environmentalists”
Synonyms: ridicule, mock, jeer at, scoff at, jibe at, make fun of, poke fun at, laugh at
Antonyms: respect, praise

Precarious (adjective) فرضی، غیر مستحکم، خطرناک

not securely held or in position; dangerously likely to fall or collapse.
Example: “a precarious ladder”
Synonyms: uncertain, insecure, unreliable, unsure, unpredictable, undependable, risky
Antonyms: safe, secure

Hobble (verb) لنگڑا کر چلنا، لنگڑاہٹ

walk in an awkward way, typically because of pain from an injury.
Example: “he was hobbling around on crutches”
Synonyms: limp, walk with a limp, walk with difficulty, move unsteadily, walk unevenly, walk lamely
Antonyms: stride

Internecine (adjective) خونریز، باہمی ہلاکت کا باعث

destructive to both sides in a conflict.
Example: “the region’s history of savage internecine warfare”
Synonyms: deadly, bloody, violent, fierce, destructive, ruinous, civil, internal, family
Antonyms: beneficial, restorative, salubrious, salutary

Unleash (verb) چھوڑ دینا، جانے دینا، کتے کی رسی کھول دینا

release (a dog) from a leash.
Example: “they dig up badger setts and unleash terriers into them”
Synonyms: let loose, release, free, set free, loose, unloose, unbridle, untie,
Antonyms: restrain

Animosity (noun) عداوت، دشمنی، بغض

strong hostility.
Example: “he no longer felt any animosity towards her”
Synonyms: antipathy, hostility, friction, antagonism, enmity, animus, opposition, aversion
Antonyms: goodwill, friendship

Culminate (verb) اختتام پذیر ہونا، اوج پر ہونا

reach a climax or point of highest development.
Example: “weeks of violence culminated in the brutal murder of a magistrate”
Synonyms: come to a climax, come to a crescendo, come to a head, reach a finale, peak,
Antonyms: start, begin, peter out

Malaise (noun) بیماری، بے چینی، بے قراری

a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify.
Example: “a general air of malaise”
Synonyms: unhappiness, restlessness, uneasiness, unease, melancholy, depression
Antonyms: comfort, well-being

Grapple (verb) ہاتھا پائی، پکڑ، گرفت، بھڑ جانا

engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons; wrestle.
Example: “passers-by grappled with the man after the knife attack”
Synonyms: wrestle, struggle, tussle, brawl, fight, scuffle, clash, combat, battle,
Antonyms: let go of, release

Pelt (verb) پتھر پھینکنا، آگ برسانا، کسی جانور کی بال والی کھال

hurl missiles repeatedly at.
Example: “two boys pelted him with rotten apples”
Synonyms: bombard, shower, attack, assail, batter, pepper, strafe, rake, sweep, enfilade
Antonyms: crawl, creep, poke

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