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Daily English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (25 December 2019)

Every aspirant knows the importance of English language and vocabulary. In order to facilitate the aspirants, we have started a new trend of posting vocabulary on our website. The vocabulary will include the words from dawn newspaper along with their meanings which will save a lot of time of the aspirants.
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Daily Dawn English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
December 25, 2019

Reticent (adjective) کم گوئی، خاموش

not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily.
Example: “she was extremely reticent about her personal affairs”
Synonyms: reserved, withdrawn, introverted, restrained, inhibited, diffident, shy, modest, unassuming
Antonyms: expansive, garrulous

Unequivocal (adjective) غیر مبہم، بالکل صاف، صاف صریح

leaving no doubt; unambiguous.
Example: “an unequivocal answer”
Synonyms: unambiguous, unmistakable, indisputable, incontrovertible, indubitable, undeniable
Antonyms: equivocal, ambiguous, vague

Bereft (adjective) شکست خوردہ، محروم کیا ہوا

deprived of or lacking (something).
Example: “her room was stark and bereft of colour”
Synonyms: deprived of, robbed of, stripped of, denuded of, cut off from, parted from, devoid of,
Antonyms: joyful, loved, filled, flush, fraught, full

Lackadaisical (adjective) کمی، سست، مصنوعی نزاکت کا

lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.
Example: “a lackadaisical defence left Spurs adrift in the second half”
Synonyms: careless, lazy, lax, unenthusiastic, half-hearted, uninterested, lukewarm, indifferent
Antonyms: enthusiastic, excited

Alacrity (noun) مستعدی، تیزی، شوق سے، پھرتی

brisk and cheerful readiness.
Example: “she accepted the invitation with alacrity”
Synonyms: eagerness, willingness, readiness, enthusiasm, ardour, fervour, keenness, joyousness,
Antonyms: apathy

Sundry (adjective) متفرق، کئی طرح کا، متعدد

of various kinds; several.
Example: “prawn and garlic vol-au-vents and sundry other delicacies”
Synonyms: various, varied, miscellaneous, assorted, mixed, diverse, diversified, motley
Antonyms: alike, identical, like, same, distinct,

Grisly (adjective) خوفناک، ڈراﺅنا، بھیانک

causing horror or disgust.
Example: “the town was shaken by a series of grisly crimes”
Synonyms: gruesome, ghastly, frightful, horrid, horrifying, fearful, hideous, macabre,
Antonyms: pleasant, attractive

Revulsion (noun) بغاوت، ذہنی انقلاب، احساس، شدید جذباتی ردعمل

a sense of disgust and loathing.
Example: “news of the attack will be met with sorrow and revulsion”
Synonyms: disgust, repulsion, abhorrence, repugnance, nausea, loathing, horror
Antonyms: delight, liking

Repulsive (adjective) نفرت انگیز، ناگوار، دھکیلے جانے کا عمل

arousing intense distaste or disgust.
Example: “a repulsive smell”
Synonyms: revolting, disgusting, abhorrent, repellent, repugnant, offensive, objectionable
Antonyms: delightful, pleasant, attractive

Opaque مبہم، غیر شفاف، دھندلا

not able to be seen through; not transparent.
Example: “bottles filled with a pale opaque liquid”
Synonyms: non-transparent, cloudy, filmy, blurred, smeared, hazy, misty, dirty, dingy,
Antonyms: transparent, translucent, clear,

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