October 2023

Daily Top-10 Current Affairs MCQs / News (October 14 2023) for CSS

6. Mutiny leaves Republicans leaderless for 10th day

Republican lawmakers Jim Jordan and Austin Scott launched bids on Friday to become speaker of the US House of Representatives as the lower chamber of Congress entered the 10th day of a leadership vacuum that has paralysed Washington.
With the party reeling from former speaker Kevin McCarthy`s unprecedented removal in a mutiny from the far right, Louisiana`s Steve Scalise was seen as the best hope for a replacement who could heal the bitter divides

7. Climate `countdown clock` report unveiled

Top scientists have launched a yearly report series to plug l
In a year marked by devastating extreme weather events, Dubai will host key UN negotiations starting on November 30 aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions and helping the developing world deal with climate impacts.
The UN scientific advisory panel in charge of summarising climate change research has produced comprehensive and authoritative assessment reports in cycles of five to seven years since 1988

8. Nasa launches spacecraft to explore metal-rich asteroid

Nasa on Friday launched a spacecraft from Florida on its way to Psyche, the largest of the several metal-rich asteroids l
The Psyche probe, folded inside the cargo bay of a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, blasted off under partly cloudy skies from Nasa`s Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral on a planned journey 2.2 billion miles (3.5 billion km) through space. The spacecraft, roughly the size of a small van, is due to reach the asteroid in August 2029.The launch, shown live on Nasa TV, marks the latest in a series of recent Nasa missions seeking insights about the origins of our planet about 4.5 billion years ago by sending robotic spacecraft to explore asteroids primordial relics from the dawn of the solar system

9. Iran says US `cannot renege` on deal to transfer $6bn via Qatar

Iran said the United States `cannot renege` on an agreement to transfer $6 billion in frozen funds through mediator Qatar following the Hamas raid.
Tehran has come under intense scrutiny since Hamas fighters stormed across Israel`s southern border at the weekend.
Iran says it was not involved, but celebrated the Hamas attack as a `success`

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10. Cricket approved by IOC board for 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

Cricket`s more than 100-year Olympic exile moved closer to ending after the sport was approved for inclusion at the 2028 Los Angeles Games by the International Olympic Committee`s executive board on Friday.
IOC president Thomas Bach, speaking after the second day of an executive board meeting in Mumbai, said officials had accepted a proposal by LA organisers for Twenty20 cricket to be included as one of five new sports together with baseball/softball, flag football (non-contact American football), squash and lacrosse, leaving them with one last hurdle to seal their Olympic spots

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