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Daily Top-20 MCQs for CSS, PMS, PCS, FPSC and related Exams (Set-1)

Daily Top-20 MCQs for CSS, PMS, PCS, FPSC and related Exams (Set-1)
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Who is the current governor of State Bank of Pakistan?

  • Dr. Reza Baqir
    (Dr. Reza Baqir assumed his responsibilities on May 05, 2019 for a period of 3 years)

Who is the chairman of State Bank of Pakistan?

  • Tariq Bajwa

Who is the first woman governor of State Bank Pakistan?

  • Dr. Shamshad Akhtar
    (Dr. Shamshad Akhtar was the first woman and 14th Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan)

What is the name of present Chief Justice of Pakistan?

  • Gulzar Ahmed
    (The current chief justice is Gulzar Ahmed; incumbent since 21 December 2019)

What is the old name of Supreme Court of Pakistan?

  • Federal Court
    (The ratification of the Constitution of Pakistan reestablished the Supreme Court in 1956, replacing the name “Federal Court” to “Supreme Court”, initially had its seat in Karachi where the Sindh High Court exists now)

Who regulates banks in Pakistan?

  • State Bank of Pakistan

Who made the flag of Pakistan?

  • Syed Amir-uddin Kedwaii
    (The national flag of Pakistan was designed by Syed Amir-uddin Kedwaii and was based on the original flag of the Muslim League. It was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947, just days before independence)

Which country accepted Pakistan first?

  • Iran
    (Iran was the first country to recognize Pakistan after independence. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran, Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognize the new dispensation)

Which is Pakistan national fruit?

  • Mango

Which alloy is used in Pakistan coins?

  • Cupro Nickel
  • Copper 75%,
  • Nickel 25%
  • The coin shall be round, Dimension of 30 mm (and weight of 13.5 grams)

Which is the largest bank of Pakistan?

  • Habib Bank Limited
    (Habib Bank Limited is the largest bank in Pakistan. It is involved in the commercial banking sector and many financial services. The HBL also provides asset management services in Pakistan and abroad.)

Who gave the name Pakistan?

  • Choudhry Rahmat Ali

Who is the first Hindu woman judge in Pakistan?

  • Suman Kumari
    (Suman Kumari has become the first Hindu woman to be appointed as a civil judge in Pakistan. Ms. Kumari, who hails from Qambar-Shahdadkot in Sindh province, will serve in her native district.)

Which is the oldest university in Pakistan?

  • The University of the Punjab
    The oldest university is the University of the Punjab (established 1882)

Which is national drink of Pakistan?

  • Sugarcane juice

Which is the largest library of Pakistan?

  • National Library of Pakistan

Which is the largest road in Pakistan?

  • N-5
    The N-5 is the longest national highway in Pakistan and serves as an important north–south road artery, starting from Karachi and extending through Hyderabad, Moro and Khairpur in Sindh before crossing into Punjab province where it passes through Multan, Sahiwal, Lahore, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Jhelum and Rawalpindi

What’s the world’s largest library?

  • The Library of Congress (Washington, D.C., United States)

Which country has the most libraries?

  • China
    (Currently, China has the largest number of public libraries in the world. According to an OCLC data updated in 2016, there are 51,311 public libraries in China. Coming at the second place is Russia with 46,000 public libraries, while India stands third with 29,800 libraries spread across the entire country.)

What is the new capital of Burundi?

  • Gitega

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