Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (05 September 2021)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (05 September 2021)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
September 05, 2021

Frail (adjective) کمزور، لاغر، گناہگار

(of a person) weak and delicate.
Example: “his small, frail body”
Synonyms: infirm, weak, weakened, feeble, enfeebled, debilitated, incapacitated, wasted
Antonyms: strong, fit

Estrange (verb) دور کر دینا، بددلی پیدا کرنا، کم دوستانہ ہونا

cause (someone) to be no longer on friendly terms with someone.
Example: “he became estranged from his father”
Synonyms: alienate, antagonize, disaffect, make hostile/unfriendly, destroy the affections of, turn away
Antonyms: attract, unite

Disservice (noun) ضرررسائی، بدسلوکی، نقصان دہ

a harmful action.
Example: “you have done a disservice to the African people by ignoring this fact”
Synonyms: unkindness, bad turn, ill turn, disfavour, mischief, injury, harm, hurt, damage, offence
Antonyms: favour

Expediency (noun) حکمت عملی، صوابدید

the quality of being convenient and practical despite possibly being improper or immoral; convenience.
Example: “an act of political expediency”
Synonyms: convenience, advantage, advantageousness, usefulness, utility, benefit
Antonyms: disadvantage

Reluctant (adjective) اڑیل، نارضامند، بیدل

unwilling and hesitant; disinclined.

Synonyms: unwilling, disinclined, unenthusiastic, grudging, resistant, resisting, opposed, antipathetic
Antonyms: willing, eager, ready

Stint (verb) لمبا عرصہ، روکنا، آڑے آنا

supply a very ungenerous or inadequate amount of (something).
Example: “stowage room hasn’t been stinted”
Synonyms: skimp on, scrimp on, be economical with, economize on, be sparing with, hold back on
Antonyms: cloy, content, fill, glut

Counterpart (noun) ہم منصب، ہم مرتبہ، نصف ثانی

a person or thing that corresponds to or has the same function as another person or thing in a different place or situation.
Example: “the minister held talks with his French counterpart”
Synonyms: equivalent, opposite number, peer, equal, parallel, complement, match, twin
Antonyms: correlative, supplement, opponent

Lurch (verb) لڑکھڑا کر چلنا، ڈگمگا کر چلنا

make an abrupt, unsteady, uncontrolled movement or series of movements; stagger.
Example: “the car lurched forward”
Synonyms: stagger, stumble, sway, reel, roll, weave, totter, flounder, falter, wobble
Antonyms: tiptoe

Qualm (noun) بندش ، دھڑکا، ضمیر کی خلش، کھٹکا

an uneasy feeling of doubt, worry, or fear, especially about one’s own conduct; a misgiving.
Example: “military regimes generally have no qualms about controlling the press”
Synonyms: misgiving, doubt, reservation, second thought, worry, concern, anxiety, hesitation
Antonyms: confidence

Arise (verb) وجود میں آنا، پیدا ہونا، اٹھنا

(of a problem, opportunity, or situation) emerge; become apparent.
Example: “new difficulties had arisen”
Synonyms: come to light, become apparent, make an appearance, appear, emerge, crop/turn up, come about
Antonyms: sit down, lie down

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