Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (13 August 2021)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (13 August 2021)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
August 13, 2021

Bolster (verb) مضبوط کرنا، تکیہ لگانا

support or strengthen.
Example: “the fall in interest rates is starting to bolster confidence”
Synonyms: strengthen, support, reinforce, make stronger, boost, fortify, give a boost to, prop up
Antonyms: undermine

Enormous (adjective) بہت زیادہ، غیر معمولی، بہت بڑا

very large in size, quantity, or extent.
Example: “enormous sums of money”
Synonyms: huge, vast, extensive, expansive, broad, wide, boundless, immeasurable, limitless
Antonyms: tiny

Soar (verb) بلند پروازی کرنا، اڑنا، چڑھنا

fly or rise high in the air.
Example: “the bird spread its wings and soared into the air”
Synonyms: fly up, wing, wing its way, take off, take flight, take to the air, ascend, climb
Antonyms: plummet

Compulsion (noun) مجبوری، دباﺅ

the action or state of forcing or being forced to do something; constraint.
Example: “the payment was made under compulsion”
Synonyms: obligation, constraint, force, coercion, duress, pressure, pressurization, enforcement
Antonyms: discretion, spontaneity, volition

Dubious (adjective) متذبذب، مشکوک، مبہم

hesitating or doubting.
Example: “I was rather dubious about the whole idea”
Synonyms: doubtful, uncertain, unsure, in doubt, hesitant, undecided, unsettled, unconfirmed
Antonyms: certain, definite

Disservice (noun) ضرر رسائی، نقصان دہ

a harmful action.
Example: “you have done a disservice to the African people by ignoring this fact”
Synonyms: unkindness, bad turn, ill turn, disfavour, mischief, injury, harm, hurt, damage
Antonyms: favour

Discrepancy (noun) عدم اتفاق، تضاد، اختلاف، فرق

an illogical or surprising lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more facts.
Example: “there’s a discrepancy between your account and his”
Synonyms: inconsistency, difference, disparity, variance, variation, deviation, divergence, disagreement
Antonyms: similarity, correspondence

Ambiguous (adjective) مبہم، مشکوک

open to more than one interpretation; not having one obvious meaning.
Example: “ambiguous phrases”
Synonyms: equivocal, ambivalent, open to debate, open to argument, arguable, debatable, Delphi
Antonyms: unambiguous, clear

Amicable (adjective) دوستانہ، یارانہ، ملنسار

characterized by friendliness and absence of discord.
Example: “an amicable settlement of the dispute”
Synonyms: friendly, good-natured, cordial, civil, courteous, polite, easy, easy-going, neighbourly
Antonyms: unfriendly, hostile

Stalemate (noun) تعطل، زچ ہونا، بے حرکت

a situation in which further action or progress by opposing or competing parties seems impossible.
Example: “the war had again reached stalemate”
Synonyms: deadlock, impasse, standstill, dead end, stand-off, draw, tie, dead heat
Antonyms: advance, headway, progress

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