Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (25 August 2021)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (25 August 2021)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
August 25, 2021

Exacerbate (verb) خفا کرنا، تیز کرنا

make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse.
Example: “the exorbitant cost of land in urban areas only exacerbated the problem”
Synonyms: aggravate, make worse, worsen, inflame, compound, intensify, increase, heighten
Antonyms: calm, reduce

Stimulus (noun) ابھارنے والی چیز، معلومات، محرک، تحریک

a thing or event that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue.
Example: “areas of the brain which respond to auditory stimuli”
Synonyms: spur, stimulant, encouragement, impetus, boost, prompt, prod, incentive, inducement
Antonyms: deterrent, discouragement

Fluctuation (noun) اتار چڑھاﺅ، لڑکھڑانا

an irregular rising and falling in number or amount; a variation.
Example: “fluctuations in the yearly values could be caused by a variety of factors”
Synonyms: variation, shift, change, alteration, swing, movement, oscillation, undulation, alternation
Antonyms: stability

Depreciate (verb) قیمت کم ہونا، فروسودگی

diminish in value over a period of time.
Example: “the latest cars will depreciate heavily in the first year”
Synonyms: decrease in value, lose value, decline in price, drop in price, fall in price, cheapen, devalue
Antonyms: appreciate

Hinge (noun) دو حصوں کو آپس میں جوڑنے والا قبضہ

depend entirely on.
Example: “the future of the industry could hinge on the outcome of next month’s election”
Synonyms: depend, hang, rest, turn, pivot, centre, be based, be contingent
Antonyms: dislocate, sublux, disengage, disjoint

Distress (verb) شدید تکلیف ہونا، رنج کا باعث

cause (someone) anxiety, sorrow, or pain.
Example: “I didn’t mean to distress you”
Synonyms: cause anguish to, cause suffering to, pain, upset, make miserable, make wretched, grieve
Antonyms: calm, soothe, please, comforting,

Repudiation (noun) ترک، چھوڑ دینا، عدم قبول

rejection of a proposal or idea.
Example: “the repudiation of reformist policies”
Synonyms: rejection, renunciation, renouncement, abandonment, forsaking, forswearing, giving up
Antonyms: confirmation, acknowledgement, ratification, acceptance

Instinct (noun) جبلت، پیدائشی رجحان

an innate, typically fixed pattern of behaviour in animals in response to certain stimuli.
Example: “the homing instinct”
Synonyms: natural tendency, inborn tendency, inherent tendency, inclination, inner prompting, urge
Antonyms: reason, reasoning, abstraction

Forestall (verb) روکنا، پیش بندی کرنا

prevent or obstruct (an anticipated event or action) by taking advance action.
Example: “they will present their resignations to forestall a vote of no confidence”
Synonyms: pre-empt, get in before, get ahead of, steal a march on, anticipate, second-guess, nip in the bud
Antonyms: abet, aid, assist

Vary (verb) مختلف ہونا، بدل دینا

differ in size, amount, degree, or nature from something else of the same general class.
Example: “the properties vary in price”
Synonyms: differ, be different, be unlike, be dissimilar, range, extend, stretch, reach, cover, go
Antonyms: agree, be static

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