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Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (17 January 2022)

Flounce (verb) تڑپ کر چلنے کا عمل، جھالر

go or move in an exaggeratedly impatient or angry manner.
Example: “he stood up in a fury and flounced out”
Synonyms: storm, stride angrily, sweep, stomp, stamp, march, strut, stalk
Antonyms: slink

Insalubrious (adjective) مضر صحت، غیر محفوظ

(of a place) seedy and run-down; unwholesome.
Example: “a poor area full of insalubrious hotels”
Synonyms: seedy, unsavoury, sordid, seamy, sleazy, unpleasant, dingy, mean, wretched
Antonyms: salubrious, smart

Ramshackle (adjective) خراب، شکستہ حال، برباد شدہ

(especially of a house or vehicle) in a state of severe disrepair.
Example: “a ramshackle cottage”
Synonyms: tumbledown, dilapidated, derelict, ruinous, falling to pieces, decrepit, neglected, gone to rack and ruin
Antonyms: well maintained, sturdy

Penury (noun) غربت، تنگدستی، افلاس، محتاجی

the state of being very poor; extreme poverty.
Example: “he couldn’t face another year of penury”
Synonyms: extreme/dire poverty, pennilessness, impecuniousness, impoverishment, indigence, need
Antonyms: wealth, affluence

Ambition (noun) تمنا، آرزو، ہوس

a strong desire to do or achieve something.
Example: “her ambition was to become a pilot”
Synonyms: aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective, object, purpose, intent, plan, scheme
Antonyms: indifference, inappetency, contentment, moderation

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