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Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (22 November 2021)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (22 November 2021)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Every aspirant knows the importance of English language and vocabulary. In order to facilitate the aspirants, we have started a new trend of posting vocabulary on our website. The vocabulary will include the words from dawn newspaper along with their meanings which will save a lot of time of the aspirants.
So, keep in touch with CSS Times for daily Dawn vocabulary with Urdu Meanings.

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
November 22, 2021

Erupt (verb) پھوٹ پڑنا، آتش فشاں کا پھٹنا،بھڑکنا

(of a volcano) become active and eject lava, ash, and gases.
Example: “Mount Pinatubo began erupting in June”
Synonyms: emit lava, belch lava, become active, flare up, eject/vent material, explode
Antonyms: lie dormant

Sordid (adjective) بدعنوان، گھٹیا

involving immoral or dishonourable actions and motives; arousing moral distaste and contempt.
Example: “the story paints a sordid picture of bribes and scams”
Synonyms: sleazy, seedy, seamy, unsavoury, shoddy, vile, foul, tawdry, louche, cheap
Antonyms: high-minded, respectable

Shoddy (adjective) گمراہ کن، بھدا، مصنوعی، بناوٹی

badly made or done.
Example: “we’re not paying good money for shoddy goods”
Synonyms: poor-quality, inferior, second-rate, third-rate, low-grade, cheap, cheapjack, tawdry
Antonyms: well made, careful

Evade (verb) ٹال دینا، بھاگ جانا، نکل جانا

escape or avoid (someone or something), especially by guile or trickery.
Example: “friends helped him to evade capture for a time”
Synonyms: elude, avoid, dodge, escape (from), stay away from, steer clear of, run away from
Antonyms: confront, run into

Succumb (verb) مغلوب ہو جانا، ہار ماننا، شکار ہونا

fail to resist pressure, temptation, or some other negative force.
Example: “we cannot merely give up and succumb to despair”
Synonyms: yield, give in, give way, submit, surrender, capitulate, cave in, be overcome by
Antonyms: resist, conquer

Erode (verb) کاٹ دینا، کم ہونا، ختم کر دینا

(of wind, water, or other natural agents) gradually wear away (soil, rock, or land).
Example: “the cliffs on this coast have been eroded by the sea”
Synonyms: wear away/down, abrade, scrape away, grind down, crumble, dissolve, weather
Antonyms: build, ignore, neglect, preserve

Imperious (adjective) جارحانہ، آمرانہ

arrogant and domineering.
Example: “his imperious demands”
Synonyms: peremptory, high-handed, commanding, imperial, overbearing, overweening, domineering
Antonyms: meek

Averse (adjective) مخالف، نارضا مند، کراہت آمیز

having a strong dislike of or opposition to something.
Example: “as a former CIA director, he is not averse to secrecy”
Synonyms: opposed to, against, antipathetic to, hostile to, antagonistic to, unfavourably disposed to
Antonyms: keen

Studious (adjective) محنت کش، مطالعہ کا شوق

spending a lot of time studying or reading.
Example: “he was quiet and studious”
Synonyms: scholarly, academic, bookish, book-loving, intellectual, erudite, learned, donnish
Antonyms: natural, spontaneous

Excruciating (adjective) اذیت ناک، شدید ذہنی کوفت

intensely painful.
Example: “excruciating back pain”
Synonyms: agonizing, extremely painful, severe, acute, intense, extreme, savage, violent
Antonyms: slight, mild

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