Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (28 November 2021)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (28 November 2021)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
November 28, 2021

Sympathetic (adjective) ہمدرد، لطیف

feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy.
Example: “she was sympathetic towards staff with family problems”
Synonyms: commiserating, commiserative, pitying, condoling, consoling, comforting, supportive
Antonyms: unsympathetic, unfeeling

Hapless (adjective) قابل افسوس، ابھاگی، بے بس

(especially of a person) unfortunate.
Example: “the hapless victims of the disaster”
Synonyms: unfortunate, unlucky, luckless, out of luck, ill-starred, ill-fated, jinxed, cursed
Antonyms: lucky

Desperation (noun) مایوسی، بے آس

a state of despair, typically one which results in rash or extreme behaviour.
Example: “she wrote to him in desperation”
Synonyms: hopelessness, despair, distress, anguish, pain, agony, torment, torture, misery
Antonyms: cheer, comfort, contentment, delight

Solace (noun) تسلی کا باعث، دلاسہ دینا، تسکین پہنچانا

comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.
Example: “she sought solace in her religion”
Synonyms: comfort, consolation, cheer, support, relief
Antonyms: aggravate, agitate, annoy, depress

Xenophobic (adjective) اجنبیوں سے بیزاری، غیر ملکیوں سے نفرت کرنےوالا

having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.
Example: “xenophobic attitudes”
Synonyms: racist, racialist, ethnocentric, ethnocentrist, nationalist, nationalistic, jingoistic, jingo
Antonyms: xenomaniac

Tendency (noun) رجحان، جھکاﺅ، رغبت

an inclination towards a particular characteristic or type of behaviour.
Example: “for students, there is a tendency to socialize in the evenings”
Synonyms: propensity, proclivity, proneness, aptness, likelihood, inclination, disposition, predisposition
Antonyms: dislike, hate, antipathy, disinclination

Contaminate (verb) ناپاک کرنا، آلودہ کرنا، خراب کرنا

make (something) impure by exposure to or addition of a poisonous or polluting substance.
Example: “the site was found to be contaminated by radioactivity”
Synonyms: pollute, adulterate, make impure, defile, debase, corrupt, taint, infect, blight
Antonyms: purify

Trajectory (noun) خط حرکت، مدار

the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces.
Example: “the missile’s trajectory was preset”
Synonyms: course, route, path, track, line, orbit, flight, flight path, ambit, direction, bearing
Antonyms: uncreativeness

Reckoning (noun) حساب کتاب کرنے کا عمل، گنتی،شمار

the action or process of calculating or estimating something.
Example: “the sixth, or by another reckoning eleventh, Earl of Mar”
Synonyms: calculation, estimation, computation, working out, summation, counting, addition
Antonyms: calibrating, measuring, scaling

Emanate (verb) خارج کرنا، ظاہر ہونا

(of a feeling, quality, or sensation) issue or spread out from (a source).
Example: “warmth emanated from the fireplace”
Synonyms: emerge, flow, pour, proceed, issue, ensue, come out, come forth, spread out
Antonyms: terminate, culminate, end, evene

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