Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (29 June 2021)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (29 June 2021)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
June 29, 2021

Ravage (verb) برباد کرنا، اجاڑنا، تباہ کرنا

cause severe and extensive damage to.
Example: “the hurricane ravaged southern Florida”
Synonyms: lay waste, devastate, ruin, leave in ruins, destroy, wreak havoc on, leave desolate
Antonyms: sparing, conserving, preserving

Confinement (noun) روکے رکھنا، پابند کرنے کا عمل، عالم زچگی

the action of confining or state of being confined.
Example: “he was immediately released from his confinement”
Synonyms: imprisonment, internment, incarceration, custody, captivity, detention, restraint
Antonyms: liberty

Profess (verb) اقرار کرنا، تسلیم کرنا، مدعی ہونا

claim that one has (a quality or feeling), especially when this is not the case.
Example: “he had professed his love for her only to walk away”
Synonyms: declare, announce, proclaim, assert, state, affirm, avow, maintain, protest
Antonyms: conceal, suppress, disown, disavow

Grisly (adjective) بھیانک، خوفناک، ڈراﺅنا

causing horror or disgust.
Example: “the town was shaken by a series of grisly crimes”
Synonyms: gruesome, ghastly, frightful, horrid, horrifying, fearful, hideous, macabre, spine-chilling
Antonyms: pleasant, attractive

Exceedingly (adverb) بکثرت، انتہائی، کثرت

Example: “the team played exceedingly well”
Synonyms: extremely, exceptionally, especially, tremendously, immensely, supremely, very
Antonyms: little, nominally, hardly, slightly

Dictum (noun) قول، دعویٰ، رسمی اعلان

a formal pronouncement from an authoritative source.
Example: “the dicta of High Court Judges”
Synonyms: pronouncement, proclamation, direction, injunction, assertion, statement, dictate
Antonyms: absurdity, ambiguity, foolishness

Umpteen بے شمار، متعدد، بہت سے

indefinitely many; a lot of.
Example: “you need umpteen pieces of identification to cash a cheque”
Synonyms: countless, numerous, innumerable, very many, ever so many, untold, lots of, loads of
Antonyms: few

Litigant (noun) مقدمہ لڑنے والا، جھگڑالو

a person involved in a lawsuit.
Synonyms: litigator, opponent in law, opponent, contestant, contender, disputant, plaintiff, claimant
Antonyms: ally, assistant, friend, helper

Accumulation (noun) بڑھاوا، اضافہ، بٹورنا

the acquisition or gradual gathering of something.
Example: “the accumulation of wealth”
Synonyms: amassing, building up, build-up, collection, gathering, assembling, assembly, stockpiling
Antonyms: dissipation

Escalate (verb) تیزی، شدت بڑھانا

increase rapidly.
Example: “the price of tickets escalated”
Synonyms: increase rapidly, soar, rocket, shoot up, mount, surge, spiral, grow rapidly, rise rapidly
Antonyms: plunge

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