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Day by Day Current Affairs (March 30, 2018) | MCQs for CSS, PMS, NTS

MCQs for CSS | Day by Day Current Affairs MCQs
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 March 30, 2018

Current Affairs MCQs | CSS Times General Knowledge MCQs

  1. Pakistan attained second `Credible Second Strike Capability`
    • Pakistan on March 29, 2018 carried out another successful test of the nuclear-capable Submarine Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM) Babur and claimed to have attained `Credible Second Strike Capability`.
    • The 450-kmrange Babur missile was test-fired from `an underwater dynamic platform, which successfully engaged its target with precise accuracy, meeting all the flight parameters`.
    • SLCM Babur III was originally tested in January 2017 and it is a seabased variant of ground-launched cruise missile Babur-II, which was successfully tested in December 2016. The military had at the time of Babur-III`s first test claimed the second strike capability.
    • The second strike capability, which is believed to be the peak of deterrence strategy, means the possession of the ability to retaliate to a nuclearattack even after a country`s nuclear arsenal has been neutralised. It has long been a goal of Pakistan`s nuclear planners. But, attaining the assured or credible capability was even a bigger challenge. The armed forces now say that they have attained a `credible second strike capability` and in doing so they strengthened `the existing deterrence regime
  2. Afghans get another extension in stay
    • The federal government has given another extension to over 2.3 million Afghan nationals, including 1.4 million registered refugees, in their stay by allowing them to remain in the country until June 30.
    • Senior officials said refugees possessing Proof of Registration cards could continue to stay in the country until June 30 and that the same policy would also be applicable on those holding Afghan Citizen Cards (ACCs).
  3. PM launches BISP Endowment Fund
    • Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi launched on March 29, 2018 the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Endowment Fund and Graduation Programme, announcing a grant of Rs1 billion for the fund.
    • The Graduation Programme of BISP is supported by $35 million grant of the Asian Development Bank.
    • The prime minister said that the government took pride in the programme that had seen an increase in allocation and cash transfers of over 50 per cent.
  4. Egyptian President Sisi wins second term with 92pc of vote
    • Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has been re-elected for a second term with about 92 per cent of the vote, preliminary results showed on March 29, 2018, with just over 40 per cent of voters casting ballots.
    • Twenty-five million of the 60 million registered voters, or some 41.5 per cent, turned out during the three days of polling that ended Wednesday, state-ownednewspaper Al-Ahram reported. Twentythree million voted for Sisi.
    • Sisi won 21.4 million votes, and his rival Moussa Mostafa Moussa 721,000 votes.
  5. Two Koreas agree to hold summit on April 27
    • The two Koreas on March 29, 2018 set a date for a rare inter-Korean summit, following a high-level meeting that was held days after the nuclear-armed North`s leader Kim Jong Un made his international debut with a surprise trip to China.
    • `According to the will of both leaders, the South and North agreed to hold the `2018 South-North summit` on April 27 at the South`s Peace House in Panmunjom,` said a joint press statement, read out in turn by both delegations`leaders.
    • The meeting between Kim Jong Un, leader of nuclear-armed North Korea, and the South`s President Moon Jae-in will be only the third of its kind, and will be followed by landmark talks with US President Donald Trump which could come as early as May.
  6. Astronomers find ‘impossible’ galaxy without dark matter
    • Stupefied astronomers have unveiled the first and only known galaxy without dark matter, the invisible and poorly-understood substance thought to make up a quarter of the Universe.
    • The discovery could revise or even upend theories of how galaxies are formed, they reported in the journal Nature.
    • “This is really bizarre,” said co-author Roberto Abraham, an astronomer at the University of Toronto.
    • “For a galaxy this size, it should have 30 times as much dark matter as regular matter,” he told. “What we found is that there is no dark matter at all.” “That shouldn’t be possible,” he added. There are 200 billion observable galaxies, perhaps more, astronomers estimate. Some 65 million light-years from Earth, NGC1052-DF2 – “DF2” for short – is about the same size as our Milky Way, but has 100 to 1,000 times fewer stars. Dark matter’s existence is inferred from the motion of objects affected by its gravitational pull.
  7. Russia expels 60 US diplomats over spy poisoning affair
    • Russia has ordered 60 US diplomats to leave by April 5, the foreign ministry said on March 29, 2018, in a retaliatory move against Washington which expelled a similar number of Russian diplomats over the poisoning of a Russian spy in England.
    • The foreign ministry said it had declared persona non grata 58 diplomats in Moscow and two general consulate officials in Yekaterinburg. Moments before the ministry announcement, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia would respond in kind to the mass expulsion of diplomats by the Western governments which include, apart from the United States and Britain, most member states of Nato and the European Union.
  8. WWF, UNODC ink accord to curb illegal wildlife trade
    • WWF-Pakistan and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) inked an accord March 29, 2018 to curb illegal wildlife trade in Pakistan through innovative means such as institutional capacity building of frontline law enforcement officers and joint campaigns to raise awareness on the issue.
    • The collaboration will contribute towards enhancing capacities of law enforcement agencies such as Pakistan Customs, to acquaint its officials about key aspects of illegal wildlife trade as a prelude to enhanced vigilance against wildlife trafficking.
  9. $2.5m project launched for education in SWA, Kurram
    • The UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has approved the allocation of $2.5 million for the education of children in militancy affected areas in South Waziristan and Kurram tribal regions.
    • The education project would be executed in Serwakai, Sararogha and Tiarza tehsils of South Waziristan Agency and lower, central and upper tehsils of Kurram Agency, said a report.
  10. Toyota, Suzuki to produce cars in India
    • Toyota Motor Corp and Suzuki Motor Corp on March 29, 2018 announced a basic agreement to produce cars for each other in India as Toyota aims to increase its market share in the fastgrowing country dominated by its smaller rival.
    • Suzuki will supply its Baleno hatchback and Vitara Brezza compact SUV to Toyota, while Toyota will produce the Corolla sedan for Suzuki.
    • Toyota and Suzuki will produce the models for each other as original equipment manufacturers

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