Deserts of the World MCQs (Solved) | World General Knowledge MCQ Series

The world deserts are divided into ____ categories.
(a) 3
(p) 4
(c) 7
(d) 6
Answer: b

Subtropical deserts are _____ with parched terrain.
(a) Hot
(p) Cold
(c) Normal
(d) None of these
Answer: a

The largest desert of the world is:
(a) Kalahari
(p) Gibson
(c) Mojave
(d) Sahara
Answer: d

The size of Sahara is:
(a) 3.5 million sq miles
(p) 4.1 million sq miles
(c) 3.1 million sq miles
(d) 2.1 million sq miles
Answer: a

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Sahara is located in:
(a) Asia
(p) Africa
(c) North America
(d) Australia
Answer: b

The second largest desert of the world is:
(a) Thar
(p) Sonoran
(c) Arabian
(d) Namib
Answer: c

Chihuahuan desert is:
(a) Polar
(p) Cool coastal
(c) Cold winter
(d) Subtropical
Answer: d

Sturt Stony Desert is located in:
(a) Mexico
(p) US
(c) Australia
(d) Chile
Answer: c

The size of Karakum is:
(a) 115,000 sq miles
(p) 135,000 sq miles
(c) 260,000 sq miles
(d) 156,000 sq miles
Answer: b

Karakum desert is located in:
(a) Mongolia
(p) Botswana
(c) Turkmenistan
(d) Kazakhstan
Answer: c

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The size of Taklimakan is:
(a) 105,000 sq miles
(p) 110,000 sq miles
(c) 500,000 sq miles
(d) 260,000 sq miles
Answer: a

Gobi is the desert of:
(a) Cold coastal
(p) Cold winter
(c) Subtropical
(d) Polar
Answer: b

The size of Thar Desert is:
(a) 70,000 sq miles
(p) 71,000 sq miles
(c) 77,000 sq miles
(d) 78,000 sq miles
Answer: c

Thar is the desert of:
(a) Subtropical
(p) Cold winter
(c) Polar
(d) Cool coastal
Answer: a

Kyzyl Kum desert size is:
(a) 140,000 sq miles
(p) 145,000 sq miles
(c) 115,000 sq miles
(d) 100,000 sq miles
Answer: c

Kalahari desert is located in:
(a) Southern Africa
(p) Australia
(c) Pakistan
(d) Libya
Answer: a

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Gibson desert is located in:
(a) Australia
(p) Kuwait
(c) Yemen
(d) Somalia
Answer: a

Great Sandy Desert is located in:
(a) South America
(p) North America
(c) Australia
(d) South American
Answer: c

Great Victoria Desert is located in:
(a) Iran
(p) Egypt
(c) Brazil
(d) Australia
Answer: d

Mojave desert is located in:
(a) Australia
(p) US
(c) South Africa
(d) Angola
Answer: b

Sonoran Desert is located in:
(a) Brazil
(p) Namibia
(c) China
(d) North America
Answer: d

Chihuahuan Desert is located in:
(a) North America
(p) Angola
(c) South Africa
(d) China
Answer: a

Namib Desert is located in:
(a) Chad
(p) Niger
(c) Libya
(d) Namibia
Answer: d

Atacama Desert is located in:
(a) China
(p) Bolivia
(c) Chile
(d) Brazil
Answer: c


Patagonian Desert is located in:
(a) Norway
(p) South American
(c) US
(d) Chad
Answer: b

Deserts of the World MCQs (Solved)

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