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DMCs of Top 3 Position Holders in CSS 2018 Exams

DMCs of Top 3 Position Holders in CSS 2018 Exams
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

DMCs of Top 3 Position Holders in CSS 2018 Exams
Shanza Faiq (1st in CSS 2018)

Detailed Marks SheetShanza Faiq DMC
Subject / Marks
English Essay: 60
Precis & Composition: 54
General Science & Ability: 82
Current Affairs: 55
Pakistan Affairs: 26
Islamiat: 49
Political Science: 146
Governance & Public Policy: 70
Sociology: 73
Gender Studies: 55
Constitutional Law: 62
Marks in Written: 732
Viva Voce: 226
Grand Total: 958

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Atif Ameer (2nd in CSS 2018)

Detailed Marks SheetAtif Ameer 2nd in CSS 2018
Subject / Marks
English Essay: 52
Precis & Composition: 52
General Science & Ability: 69
Current Affairs: 58
Pakistan Affairs: 54
Islamiat: 62
Political Science: 144
Public Administration: 85
Sociology: 83
Gender Studies: 61
International Law: 56
Marks in Written: 776
Viva Voce: 159
Grand Total: 935

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Abrahim Shah (3rd in CSS 2018)

Detailed Marks SheetAbrahim Shah, 3rd in CSS 2018
Subject / Marks
English Essay: 61
Precis & Composition: 59
General Science & Ability: 80
Current Affairs: 67
Pakistan Affairs: 40
Islamic Studies: 67
Economics: 131
History of USA: 41
Environmental Science: 56
International Law: 60
Anthropology: 65
Marks in Written: 727
Viva Voce: 195
Grand Total: 922

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  • Where can I find DMC’S of all the successful candidates?
    What has been scoring trend of political science vs IR for last ten years?
    What would you suggest to opt and why?