Do’s & Don’ts While Preparing for CSS / PMS Exam

Do’s & Don’ts While Preparing for CSS / PMS Exam

Do’s in CSS / PMS Exams

◆    Follow a healthy schedule while preparing, i.e. a good balanced diet including fresh vegetables and fruits.
◆   Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. A healthy body does possess a healthy mind.
◆   Plan every day according to the need and try to achieve the listed to dos.
◆   Have sufficient sleep; a tired brain cannot work productively. Try to have a sound 6-8 hours sleep.
◆   Read out some jokes or poems or short stories in between studies to give yourself a break from the monotonous routine studies.
◆   Play some games with friends sometimes to refresh you up.
◆   Watch a movie that at some point of time motivated you to do good in life.
◆   Indulge yourself into some light Yoga or Breathing Exercise. This way you will stay fit and you will not feel lethargic also.
◆   Be confident always. This is the best way to motivate self.
◆   Make revision more than one time so that you gain confidence and will surely motivate you constantly.
◆   Try to surround yourself with all positive energy. This will give you a good feeling all the time for a better and easier preparation.
◆   Always keep some time for any emergency situation. Flexibility must be there in your plan.

Don’ts in CSS / PMS Exams

◆   Do not panic if you cannot fulfil your target; we all are human beings, we have limitations. Instead of panicking or feeling bad, give a second chance and try to fulfil them at that time.
  Do not cut yourself completely from the social life, just because it is Exam time. As breaks between studies, go out for some time, talk to people whom you consider to be nice.
◆   Do not indulge yourself too much into tea and coffee, maximum 2 cups a day. As tea and coffee contains caffeine, so consuming them in huge quantity will create health problems.
◆   Don’t indulge into eating too much junk food, as you must take proper care of your health.
◆   Do not exhaust yourself with longer study hours. Take breaks in between for better remembrance and better production.
  Do not plan any new topic for study when only a few days are left for Exam. This may confuse you and bring your confidence level low.
  Do not get involved into any negative emotions before exam. So, avoid any kind of emotional stuff that gives a bad feeling during Exam preparation.
  Avoid studying late into the night as studies have shown that things learned in the morning are more resistant to forgetting. Also waking up early maintains body’s biological rhythm and keeps you healthy. It also leads to better time management as it gives you extra hours.

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