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English Grammar MCQs

English Tenses Advanced Level MCQs (Set 4)

English Tenses Advanced Level MCQs (Set 4)
Written by CSS Times

English Tenses Advanced Level MCQs (Set 4)

In 1619, the first African slaves ____ in Virginia, USA, and by 1790, their numbers ____ nearly 700,000.
A) were arriving / have been reaching
B) arrived / had reached
C) have arrived / were reaching
D) were going to arrive / reach
E) had arrived / will have reached
Answer: B

We ____ a lovely view of the Bosphorus and the bridges over it while the plane ____ over Istanbul.
A) are getting / flies
B) had got / is flying
C) got / was flying
D) get / has flown
E) are getting / had been flying
Answer: C

When they ____ in Sydney Harbour, they ____ nonstop for three months
A) anchor / will have been sailing
B) were anchoring / sailed
C) have anchored / were sailing
D) are anchoring / have been sailing
E) are going to anchor / have sailed
Answer: A

According to the new schedule, the whole team have accepted, we ____ every Monday and Wednesday next term, but I’m sure we ____ back to our normal routine of once a week before long
A) had trained / revert
B) train / have reverted
C) are training / reverted
D) are going to train / will revert
E) have been training / are reverting
Answer: D

The prospector ran into town in excitement because, at last, he ____ some gold at the site which he ____ for months.
A) was finding / was panning
B) will find / is going to pan
C) will have found / has panned
D) had found / had been panning
E) found / will have panned
Answer: D

I expect you ____ bored with working at the Post Office by this time next year and ____ for a more interesting job.
A) have become / will have looked
B) were becoming / are going to look
C) will have become / will be looking
D) had found / had been panning
E) found / will have panned
Answer: C

Listen! The coach ____ the strengths of our opponents because our team ____ against them before.
A) has explained / weren’t playing
B) explains / won’t play
C) is explaining / haven’t played
D) was explaining / don’t play
E) will explain / hadn’t been playing
Answer: C

When I ____ the alterations to the company accounts, I was left in no doubt that the accountant ____ money from the firm.
A) saw / had been stealing
B) am seeing / has stolen
C) was seeing / was stealing
D) have seen / will have stolen
E) see / steals
Answer: A

According to the doctor, this time next week, I ____ around as normal and the cut on my foot ____ completely.
A) am walking / healed
B) will be walking / will have healed
C) walked / was healing
D) have been walking / heals
E) walks / is going to heal
Answer: B

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Shadow puppets ____ in China and ____ as far as Turkey and Greece today.
A) will originate / have been spreading
B) are originating / will be spreading
C) originate / had spread
D) originated / have spread
E) will have originated / were spreading
Answer: D

Over recent years, many skilled craftsmen and women ____ their jobs in the pottery trade in the UK, but gradually English porcelain ____ its reputation.
A) will have lost / will regain
B) had been losing / has regained
C) lost / regains
D) are losing / regained
E) have lost / is regaining
Answer: E

After she ____ to turn up for our appointment for the third time, I ____ to meet her again.
A) is failing / am refusing
B) has failed / had refused
C) was failing / will refuse
D) had been failing / have refused
E) had failed / refused
Answer: E

Since I took part in my first debating match, I ____ a member of the debating club, which I ____ most weekends
A) will have been / have attended
B) have been / attend
C) will be / was attending
D) am / had been attending
E) was / am attending
Answer: B

By the first half of the 19th century, the potato ____ the staple food in the Ireland. In 1854, a disease ____, which resulted in widespread starvation.
A) was becoming / has struck
B) will become / was going to strike
C) had become / struck
D) was going to become / strikes
E) has become / has struck
Answer: C

The origins of domestic poultry ____ uncertain, but experts believe that some breeds are descended from the Pakistani jungle-fowl, which still ____ in Pakistan today.
A) are going to be / will exist
B) had been / will have existed
C) were / had been existing
D) are / exists
E) have been / existed
Answer: D

In 1868, the US government ____ 7000 Navajo Indians to return to their homeland and, since then, they ____ the largest and richest Indian tribe.
A) allowed / have become
B) has allowed / are becoming
C) was going to allow / will become
D) has allowed / were becoming
E) was allowing / become
Answer: A

In 1960, only 1000 American Indians ____ at university, while in 1970, only a decade later, this number ____ to 5000.
A) are studying / is increasing
B) were studying / increased
C) will be studying / will have increased English Tenses MCQs
D) studied / will increase
E) had studied / was increasing
Answer: B

Today we ____ a lot of tangerines at one pound per kilo, unlike yesterday, when we ____ very few customers
A) were selling / have had
B) are selling / had
C) had been selling / had had
D) sold / will have had
E) are going to sell / will be having
Answer: B

A: Isn’t that your daughter playing outside without a coat on? She ____ a chill. B: She has a thermal vest on under her pullover, but you have a point. I ____ her coat.
A) was catching / am fetching
B) is catching / fetch
C) will be catching / have fetched
D) will catch / will fetch
E) catches / am going to fetch
Answer: D

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The number of orders per week ____ all year and the sales manager is confident that we ____ our target.
A) has increased / had been reaching
B) will increase / have been reaching
C) increases / reached
D) increased / reached
E) has been increasing / will reach
Answer: E English Tenses MCQs

As the police ____ the road, we ____ a time consuming detour around the mountain.
A) are closing / were making
B) will close / had made
C) had closed / made
D) will have closed / had been making
E) close / have made
Answer: C

I ____ some shopping during my lunch break, but I couldn’t as I ____ awful because of my cold. | English Tenses MCQs
A) was going to do / felt
B) have done / have felt
C) will do / am feeling
D) did / was feeling
E) do / will have felt
Answer: A

By the time the work on their house is finished, they ____ the painters, decorators and carpenters a total of Rs 8000. They ____ a beautiful kitchen, though.
A) are paying / have had
B) paid / are having
C) had paid / were having
D) will have paid / will have
E) have paid / have
Answer: D English Tenses MCQs

I feel certain that Greg ____ in his new business because he ____ so hard all the time.
A) is succeeding / will work
B) will succeed / works
C) was succeeding / is going to work
D) had succeeded / will be working
E) has succeeded / had worked
Answer: B

Before Petar Preradovic ____ poems in his native Croatian, he ____ all his poems in German.
A) has published / is writing
B) is publishing / was writing
C) published / had written
D) had published / will have written
E) has been publishing / has written
Answer: C

I ____ some notes earlier and ____ to them during my presentation. In the event, however, I didn’t use them once.
A) will have written / will refer
B) am going to write / refer
C) had written / was going to refer
D) wrote / have referred
E) write / will have referred
Answer: C

Because of Istanbul’s geographical location, it ____ a place of trade since civilisation ___ . English Tenses MCQs
A) is / was being
B) was / has begun
C) will be / had begun
D) had been / is beginning
E) has been / began
Answer: E

When Boris Yeltsin ____ on 31st December 1999, he ____ President of Russia for eight years.
A) had resigned / was
B) has resigned / is
C) will have resigned / will be
D) resigned / had been
E) resigns / is being
Answer: D English Tenses MCQs

The circumference of a circle ____ 3.14159265 times its diameter no matter how small or large it is.
A) measures
B) measured
C) will be measuring
D) had measured
E) was measuring
Answer: A

At present, British farmers ____ to the government because since the EC lifted the ban on British beef, the French ____ to buy any.
A) were protesting / refused
B) are protesting / have refused
C) had protested / were refusing
D) will protest / refuse
E) protest / will be refusing
Answer: B English Tenses MCQs

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