English Verb Drills Download Complete Book in PDF

English Verb Drills Download Complete Book in PDF
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

English Verb Drills

  • Promotes Confident Use of Verbs
  • Includes All Conjugations for Every Tense
  • Features Practical Exercises for Quick Review and Memorization

By: Ed Swick

Download English Verb Drills (Download Book in PDF)

Download Book in PDF

English Verb Drills is designed to help learners develop the skills that promote effective usage of verbs. It is a vehicle for students of all levels to review and drill conjugational forms, tenses, voice, mood, and verb usage.

Students of language often struggle with the conjugations of verbs. This is particularly true of European languages. One fortunate exception is the English language. Except for the third-person singular conjugation of most verbs, there are no conjugational endings to be considered in the present tense. In the third-person singular, most verbs simply require the ending.

Although the conjugation of English verbs is a relatively simple matter, there are other aspects of verbs that require explanation, illustration, and practice. The two most significant of these aspects are verb irregularities and verb usage. This book identifies the varieties of verb irregularities and provides abundant practice with them. The patterns of verb usage are also explained and illustrated and accompanied by numerous exercises for practice.

At the end of the book is a Mastery Check for learners to verify the development of their skill with all the aspects of verbs provided in the entire book. Besides an Answer Key, there is a useful appendix at the end of the book that provides a complete list of irregular English verbs.

English Verb Drills can serve as an important study aid to all those who wish to perfect their knowledge of English verbs. The book is equally suitable in an English-language classroom or for self-study and is an effective tool for clarifying the complexities and idiosyncrasies of the English verb.

Download English Verb Drills (Download Book in PDF)

Download Book in PDF

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