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Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-8)

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-8)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

1. Architectural pressure groups fought unsatisfactorily to save a terrace of 18th century houses from —— .
A) construction
B) evolution
C) maturation
D) enlargement
E) demolition

2. A complete reconstruction of the origin and development of the atmosphere would include details of its size and composition at all times during the 4,500,000,000 years since the —— of the Earth.
A) formation
B) distribution
C) hesitation
D) redemption
E) occurrence

3. Some analysts —— that a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq without Turkey would not only substantially weaken administration claims of international support but also do critical long-term damage to relations with an important NATO and Muslim-populated ally.
A) maintain
B) disapprove
C) compliment
D) finalize
E) validate

4. The government has recently made one million dollars —— for research grants concerning the prediction of earthquake.
A) condition
B) available
C) suitable
D) consideration
E) vulnerable

5. The ozone layer may still act like a protective blanket, but scientists continue to worry about the sun’s —— lethal effects.
A) potentially
B) equivalently
C) indifferently
D) approximately
E) abruptly

6. They have had to agree to provide free lunches, but obviously they have done so —— .
A) faultlessly
B) precisely
C) exceedingly
D) reluctantly
E) extraordinarily

7. Unfortunately, few children behave in such a —— manner towards the elderly and infirm.
A) ridiculous
B) considerate
C) restricted
D) fragile
E) progressive

8. The development of the experimental method to verify theories had the —— effect and there was a rapid increase in scientific knowledge.
A) adverse
B) reluctant
C) appropriate
D) erroneous
E) partial

9. We will have to hire more workers soon; we can’t put it off —— .
A) plainly
B) supremely
C) emphatically
D) intensely
E) indefinitely

10. When births outnumber deaths, the population increases; when the —— occurs, then it falls.
A) opposite
B) growth
C) share
D) rate
E) decrease

11. Industry is slowly realising that the manner in which waste products are —— of is of vital importance to the environment.
A) forwarded
B) exposed
C) composed
D) disposed
E) restored

12. Discourse analysis is —— labour intensive and time consuming, transcription of audio tapes alone being a challenging task.
A) extremely
B) radically
C) reluctantly
D) coherently
E) incessantly

13. People from rural Asia, where breast and colon cancers are rare, —— get more likely to contract those diseases after moving to the United States.
A) widely
B) totally
C) gradually
D) extensively
E) exceedingly

14. In 1990, the —— of HIV infection in South Africa and Thailand were both less than one percent; however, today, Thailand’s rate is 2.15 percent; South Africa’s is 19.94 percent.
A) measurement
B) derivation
C) establishment
D) extension
E) frequency

15. Champions of the green movement regard the internal combustion machine as one of the biggest —— in history.
A) disasters
B) rejections
C) admissions
D) denials
E) sensations

16. It shouldn’t be forgotten that, notwithstanding the great prosperity of the people, Canada’s initial political problem remains the relationship between her English and French speaking —— .
A) surroundings
B) combinations
C) circumstances
D) communities
E) personalities

17. The general feeling in the court was that several of the witnesses were —— information that could have a direct bearing upon the case.
A) expressing
B) avoiding
C) withholding
D) disrupting
E) declining

18. The river Danube rises in Germany and —— through central Europe and into the Black Sea.
A) cruises
B) spreads
C) flows
D) conducts
E) covers

19. Today, a wide spectrum of biological scientists are needed to develop the biotechnology of the next millenium and to ensure the —— of life on our planet.
A) explanation
B) process
C) exhaustion
D) duration
E) conservation

20. The distinction between a language and a dialect is a —— difficult one.
A) precisely
B) notoriously
C) compulsively
D) suitably
E) flexibly

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