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Essay Outline | Flaws in Our Education System are Causing Some of Our Failures

Flaws in Our Education Syste are Causing Some of Our Failures
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Outline: Flaws in Our Education System are Causing Some of Our Failures

1. Introduction

2. Historical perspective of our educational system and resulted failures

3. How flaws in our educational system causing failure of our system

3.1) Mismanagement in educational system, causing failure of our administrative system:-

3.1.1) Government is allocating low budget to educational sector (i.e. almost 2 of GDP) which is insufficient to fulfill educational requirements of aspirants resulting mismanagement of human and natural resources.

3.1.2) Corruption and lack of accountability at administrative level of education system leads to low average intellectual capability of students for future.

3.1.3) Improper and insufficient infrastructure of public institutions, results in demoralizing aspirant’s interest of getting education leading towards high drop out rate from schools and increasing child labour.

3.1.4) Lack of technical resources and training centers, resulting in producing inefficient teaching staff, which are demoralizing uniqueness and creativity of new generation, waying towards absence of quality and skills to handle administrative, social and economic system of state.

3.2) Flaws in our education system, causing failure of our economic system:-

3.2.1) Multiple mediums of instruction, dissimilar pattern of studies, and unstructured educational system, resulting in increase in brain drainage which leads towards unavailability of skilled workforce in state.

3.2.2) Business community is devising educational sectors as a source of business and investing in private unauthorized institutions which results in low quality grooming and generating unskilled managers.

3.2.3) Lack of creativity of engineers due to cramming in education system of Pakistan is hampering economic developments. i.e: hiring of Chinese workers in CPEC project.

3.3) Flaws in our educational system, causing failure of our social system:-

3.3.1) Approximately 40% of Pakistan’s population is lying under poverty line, and striving to fulfill their physiological needs, because education system is neglected by administration and this results in generating inefficient workforce and skilled labor.

3.3.2) Lack of female institutions is creating the issue of gender disparity.

3.3.3) Social constraints due to the different social classes in a society are hindering education for children at primary level. i.e: elite, middle and low.

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4. Comparison of Pakistan and other countries in educational development and managing the rest of the system

4.1) Education has played an important role in the development of Norway, as their
highest literacy rate also leads them to be amongst the most prosperous nations, whereas Pakistan is being considered as one of the least prosperous nations on the basis of its inappropriate educational structure.
4.2) China and Japan are considered as highly technologically developed nations, because
of highly skilled workforce and technical abilities, as they contain strong educational structure, whereas Pakistan borrows technical workforce and expertise from other nations. Pakistan ranks at the bottom in innovation ranking of 2016.
4.3) India acquiring sound healthcare system along with increase in literacy rate (lit rate more than 74%) as according to survey report of environmental feasibility, the literacy rate of India is about 71.2% whereas, Pakistan has of about 60% literacy rate.

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5. Recommendations to overcome educational flaws and terminate its negative impacts over system:-

5.1) Need to ensure educational emergency in all over the state, as in Sweden, and make
it compulsory for a specific age of children to attend school, so that availability of skilled labor can be made sure.
5.2) Have to seek attention from UN and request them to develop on efficient planning for better educational structure.
5.3) Must start educational campaigns in all over the nation, and raise the voice for
importance of education in rural areas, so that society can become civilized and well managed.
5.4) Need to consult highly literate nations and hire consultants and trainers from the states to provide training to available staff, for sake of technical workforce.
5.5) Required to ensure scholarship programs at every stage of education and provide motivational rewards to aspirants, to enhance enrollment in educational sectors and to ameliorate literacy rate – Pakistan has launched a scheme to support the students from less developed areas.

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6. Conclusion

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