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Essay Outline: Militarization of Space and its Impacts on Current Global Warfare

Essay Outline: Militarization of Space and its Impacts on Current Global Warfare
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Essay Outline: Militarization of Space and its Impacts on Current Global Warfare

By: KIPS CSS Network

1. Introduction
Space; from pristine place of peace to an undeniably contested arena

2. Militarization of space in retrospect

3. Space; an ultimate strategic high ground
i) Major players in militarization of space
ii) U.S space endeavors ; an effort at protecting its hegemony in new arena of warfare
ii) China’s space ambitions; the rising dragon
iv) Russia’s growing space capabilities

4. Conceivable impacts of militarization of space on current warfare Strategic impacts
i) Space-based capabilities like GPS, communications and reconnaissance satellites are inevitable for militaries of 21st century.
ii) Balance of power dragged to the fourth arena of warfare
iii) New strengths; new vulnerabilities
iv) Space weapons and missile defense system technologies
v) Dual use of satellites; a peaceful purpose and potential military application
Political impacts
i) A conflict started in space could easily translate into a full blown war on Earth
ii) It would increase expenses based on threat perception rather than concrete intimidation.
iii) Politicians would have to convince the taxpayers to spend a huge amount of money on weaponization of space with little short term goals.
Economic impacts
i) It will cajole major powers to spend more on space programs
ii) Already amplified military expenses would further soar

5. Space for useful purposes; global endorsements and a shared dream
i) Existing and proposed legal instruments
ii) Need for global consensus to lay down rules for un-ruled space
iii) Bridging the trust deficit among adversaries
iv) Improved and effective role of United Nations to ensure a peaceful space

6. Conclusion

7. How to deal with these impacts for promising future prospects.

Complete Essay : Militarization of Space and its Impacts on Current Global Warfare

World powers, over the decades, have been pursuing dominance in the outer space on pretext of peaceful purposes and for larger good of humanity. Ostensibly, these space programs are projected to reap benefits of weather monitoring, help in research and rescue, for detection of natural disasters, for advancement in science and technology and to deal with space debris. However, this is an open secret that world powers are seeking more military prowess in this erstwhile peaceful arena, this increased militarization of space has brought the modern age warfare to the ultimate high ground and it has profound impacts on economic, strategic and political arenas of modern warfare and is undoubtedly a potential existential threat. Space -a no man’s land- is no more a neutral playground, super power i.e. United States has successfully extended its hegemony and established its dominance in ultimate strategic high ground of space. Other major powers including Russia and China are contesting for their share of power in the space too.

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