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ESSAY Outline: Truth is a Rare Commodity Despite the Freedom Enjoyed by The Print and Electronic Media

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ESSAY Outline

Truth is a Rare Commodity Despite the Freedom Enjoyed by The Print and Electronic Media

1- Introduction

2-Conceptualizing the vitality of truth for society.

3-Reasons that make truth a rare commodity although the print and electronic media enjoy freedom and independence:
a) The print and electronic media is ideologically-oriented the hinders truth.
b) The print and electronic media is commercial entity. it has to cater its commercial inters first, and social responsibility, second.
c) To get high-rating and increase circulation the print and electronic media add sensationalism and twist the facts.
d) The print and electronic media is working in the environment of fear, threat and suspicion( from state and non-state elements)
e) There is a dearth of investigative journalism around the globe( including Pakistan)
f) Although, the landscape of media has widened yet there is a shortage of experienced and trained journalists.
g) In my developing countries, the print and electronic media is immature and nascent stages of evolution.

4-  Measures to resurrect truth in the print and electronic media:

A) Internal measures:
a) Media should report and present the news stories without distorting facts and figures.
b) Instead of riding the spree of sensationalism media should focus on investigative journalism to seek fact from fiction
c) Media owners should focus on professional and practical training of journalism to equip them with techniques of professionalism.
B) External Measure:
a) Governments and civil society should provide safe and sound environment to the media personnel to perform their journalist work without any hindrance
b) There should be liaison committees among stake holder to mitigate the issues of independent reporting on the matters of national security and interest

5) Conclusion

Bonus Tips:

  • Always write relevant and exercise to get flawlessness. More equipped you are, minor are the chances of disappointment. Remember that above-mentioned opinions and techniques are not absolute. Essay writing is all about giving arguments in substantial way. But as CSS aspirants have partial understanding of language, limited time and diverse things to deal with, it is not suitable to experimentation with language. Write fewer but write excellence. Smoothness, consistency, brevity and cause will make you win
  • Always exercise essay after CSS design and get it calculated. This should be complete frequently especially in December and January. In this way, you will feel fewer burden in CSS examination

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