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The Ever Changing Trends of Fashion By: Fizra Sattar

What is Fashion 1
Written by Fizra Sattar

What is fashion?

What is fashion

Fashion by classification is an exclusive admired approach in array of things like outfits, footwear, cosmetics, hairdo and décor etc. It is somewhat we come across every single day. Even the people who say they don’t care about what they’ll wear select clothes that say a lot about them. It’s a personal maxim when a person wears something extraordinary out of the ordinary; others ask him/her if there is a fastidious motive for that. Each day we go a little touché of what we’ll be wearing every day, and it doesn’t matter whether we’ll be doing that in homes or before going out.

Why people made a big deal out of fashion?

Why people made a big deal out of fashionIt’s funny sometimes that the very fashion which you implemented in which you are deduced to look first-rate and feel enhanced essentially turns out to be incompatible and over-exaggerated on you. This is rather sardonic that how the relevant circumstances fire backs. One invariable thing about trend is that it is ever altering. If you are following a single trend for some time, the exclusively different trend springs out after a month or so.Why people made a big deal out of fashion

If we have a fleeting look of ten or twenty years back or even hundred years ago, even then people had a convinced type of fashion sense. The imperial families wore dresses entrenched with jewels and handiwork on them and with the jewellery jumbles. Humans began to wear jewellery for as long ago as the world can remember. The fashion sense and the style have evolved over the years and the fashion industry has made enormous expansion and has gone through a gigantic upheaval before our very eyes and will prolong to do so in the future.

But the enquiry here remains unreciprocated, that why people made such a big deal out of fashion? When a new wave of fashion came, sometimes it is exactly opposite to the one before and sometimes it is a little blend of the old trend and a trend before that. That new approach is adopted by some people very well and some can’t carry it well enough even though they’ve tried real hard.

Why is it important to copy or adopt the new fashion trend?

Why is it important to copy or adopt the new fashion trendFor some folks, it is really important to follow the new trend, even if it doesn’t look good on them. In the era of opposition and advancement, fashion industry and the designers made grand efforts to bring out the new-fangled ideas every now and then. And sometimes in doing so, they’ve made unbelievably dreadful mistakes which look rather side-splitting. Take for example the ramp walk of models in a fashion show with a variety of throw cushion dress behind the dress. No offense, but who does that?

Fashion in its easiest way is something that people can adopt easily. It shouldn’t be that knotty. Fashion should be exclusive but not in a sense exclusive that it’ll look comical and you become the laughing mark.

One thing that I am not able to appreciate and I think I’ll never be, is that why people blindly follow the fashion trend. Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean that you have to copy it by hook or by crook. Ranging from hairstyles to footwear and dresses both male and females; the following trend remains the same. They don’t even mull over the leeway that whether they’ll good in those dresses or haircuts etc. They look weird, ‘but hey! It’s the new fashion’ is their only reply. I don’t mean that people should never follow the fashion trends, they should and I am not against fashion, but they ought to follow that thing which will look good and civilized on them. Always wear in which you feel comfortable, decent and good looking and following the fashion blindly is not always the key. To an extent following the current fashion is necessary so that you may not gap behind the others when you move in a society, but always remember, your emergence (which includes your dress, footwear, hairstyle etc) defines You.

Fashion industry- a new and demanding career today

Fashion industry- a new and demanding career todayWith the mounting age of literacy and population there mechanically comes an unseen impression of antagonism. You have to do better than others if you want to make your mark in a certain field. Not everyone can shine at everything. Every single person on this phase of earth is gifted with unique and amazing abilities to astonish the world. As fashion industry is growing immeasurably and hastily, the career prospect comes with it. In order to go with the flow with world fashion, every country like Pakistan is trying its best to muddle through with it.

Fashion industry- a new and demanding career todayThe career scope of fashion textile and art along with clothing brands, stylists, hairdressers, jewellers, brand ambassadors and so on, is kind of high these days, all things measured.

Follow that fashion, in which You look good, which will give you an invigorating feeling and decent than before; because the fashion itself is for You.

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