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English Grammar

Practice Exercise in Comparative Degree | English Grammar and Composition

Practice Exercise in Comparative Degree English Grammar and Composition
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Practice Exercise in Comparative Degree For English Grammar and Composition Tests

1. Ross is a lot more rich than his brother.

2. Although both Stephen King and Tom Clancy write thrilling books, King is the best story teller.

3. Because there were two topics to write on, Bill chose the easiest one.

4. This is by far the greater dinner that I have ever eaten.

5. Sarah is about the forgetfulest person I’ve ever met.

6. Hamlet is performed the most often of any of Shakespearean’s plays.

7. Jim couldn’t tell who is most stubborn—his sister or his brother.

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8. Both situations were terrible, but Ron first tried to fix the worst of the two.

9. The climbers would be smart to take the less harder route up to the summit.

10. After weighing the three fish he caught, Phil decided to throw the lightest one back.

11. Lynne’s victory was more sweeter because her opponent had beaten her last year.

12. Bill’s idea was profounder than Al’s.

13. Both I-95 and the parkway will take you to New Haven, but the latter is the fastest route.

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14. Because more policemen have been assigned to the beat, the people feel securer.

15. That was the most unkindest remark I ever heard.

16. Trust became a bigger issue than either taxes or crime in the election campaign.

17. It was obvious to everyone that Frankie’s team was more superior to Johnny’s.

18. Because she felt unsure about her performance, the result was all the more nicer.

19. Which is longest – the Mississippi River or the Colorado?

20. In the autumn Vermont has prettier colours than most other states.


1 Richer 2 better
3 Easier 4 greatest
5 most grateful 6 Correct
7 more stubborn 8 worse
9 less hard 10 Correct
11 was sweeter 12 more profound
13 Faster 14 more secure
15 Unkind 16 Correct
17 was superior 18 the nicer
19 Longer 20 Correct
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