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Fight-back Strategy for CSS (by: Zara Chaudhry, Assistant Commissioner)

Fight-back Strategy for CSS
Written by Zara Chaudhry

Fight-back Strategy for CSS

Delving into one of the major issues that CSS aspirants go through is how to crack this hard nut within minimum time.

CSS is not a herculean task.  The issue of failure occurs when students start spending a lot of time in preparation without any strategy.

To crack this backbreaking task I would suggest a strategy as under:

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1.  Beginners can’t cope up without quality guidance and for this one should access a virtuoso person.

2.  Secondly have a full grip over whole syllabus’ overview. Mark it that in overview you need to have a mindmap of all history in sequence wise of that subject

3.  When you think that you can present any subject’s whole syllabus within minimum time then go for topic wise preparation in detail.

4.  Plunging towards next topics be sure that you have recalled the earlier one and now you need not to revise in detail you can ten it down any time with just a look on outline you sketched.

5.  While preparing topic wise go through even the minutest details, never riley on important points and neglect the rest. For complete command one must go through each and everything either its important or not.  In short never go for selective material.

6.  Most often students take a famous author from recommended ones and think they have all. I would proscribe this, one must go through a famous author but you should consult different sources like some Youtube Lectures, some authentic analysis and above all must discuss in detail with your mentor.

7.  The final shape you need to give your preparation is spread your knowledge. Share your point of view as much as you can. Some students think that others will take benefit without putting any effort and I would mark this thinking a blunder sharing knowledge not only make you retain more but also make you effort for more details that will surely lead to success.

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Zara Chaudhry

Zara Chaudhry, civil servant in secretariat, a far famed name in the fray of CSS Mentors. She has earned a high regard for worth and relevance, she is known for structured way and innovation in teaching method to make study more interesting. She is the one who build students’ base and conceptual framework that students can answer questions.

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