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Foreign Words & Phrases MCQs for All Competitive Exams

Foreign Words & Phrases MCQs
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Foreign Words & Phrases MCQs for All Competitive Exams [1-10]

1) vis-a-vis :
(a) similar
(b) face to face
(c) contrary to the fact
(d) in good faith
Answer: (b)

2) Modus operandi
(a) successful operation
(b) unsuccessful mission
(c) mode or manner of doing a thing
(d) a clandestine operation
Answer: (b)

3) Ad valorem
(a) according to the-value
(b) according to utility
(c) according to cost
(d) according to demand
Answer: (b)

4) Aide-mémoire
(a) hearing aid
(b) without memory
(c) with sound memory
(d) notes to aid memory
Answer: (c)

5) Ad interim :
(a) finally
(b) ultimately
(c) unanimously
(d) in the mean time
Answer: (b)

6) Ad infinitum :
(a) with an end
(b) without end
(c) in the beginning
(d) at least
Answer: (c)

7) Aide :
(a) father
(b) teacher
(c) helper
(d) friend
Answer: (b)

8) Prima facie:
(a) without any evidence
(b) unceremoniously
(c) on the face of it
(d) deliberately
Answer: (d)

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9) Inter Alia :
(a) among other things
(b) without other things
(c) in seclusion
(d) in great demand
Answer: (a)

10) Ad hoc :
(a) for the purpose
(b) without any purpose
(c) for ever
(d) on the whole
Answer: (a)

Foreign Words & Phrases MCQs for All Competitive Exams [11-20]

11) Mala fide
(a) in good faith
(b) in bad faith
(c) in remembrance
(d) after death
Answer: (b)

12) Ipso facto :
(a) by the very fact
(b) contrary to the fact
(c) in isolation
(d) year after year
Answer: (d)

13) In toto :
(a) isolated
(b) part by part
(c) on the whole
(d) unknown
Answer: (c)

14) Viamedia
(a) extreme course
(b) right course
(c) left course
(d) middle course
Answer: (d)

15) Postmortem :
(a) medical examination after death
(b) medical examination after birth
(c) medical examination of the children
(d) medical examination of the adults
Answer: (d)

16) Lingua franca
(a) Latin language
(b) a common language
(c) an unknown language
(d) a new language
Answer: (b)

17) Ultra Vires :
(a) within one’s powers
(b) in God’s hand
(c) beyond one’s powers
(d) beyond one’s imagination
Answer: (c)

18) Locus standi :
(a) a place for dancing
(b) an exit
(c) centre of an office
(d) a place for standing
Answer: (d)

19) Per capita:
(a) per hundred
(b) per capitals
(c) per fifties
(d) per head
Answer: (d)

20) Beau Jour
(a) good times
(b) bad times
(c) A.and B.
(d) None of these
Answer: (b)

Foreign Words & Phrases MCQs for All Competitive Exams [21-30]

21) Ab initio (Latin):
(a) Initiative
(b) The initial
(c) Originality
(d) From the beginning
Answer: (d)

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22) Aborigine (Latin):
(a). Originally
(b) Really
(c) From the origin
(d) Native
Answer: (c)

23) Euge (Latin, Greek)
(a) Huge
(b) Well done!
(c) Alas!
(d) Perfect!
Answer: (b)

24) Dei gratia (Latin):
(a) Thankfully
(b). I am grateful
(c) By the grace of God
(d) Thank you
Answer: (c)

25) Coup d’etat (French):
(a) Sudden overthrow of a government
(b) Capture
(c) Rebellion
(d) Statehood
Answer: (a)

26) Boutique (French):
(a) Beauty
(b) Bazaar
(c) A shop
(d) Bouquet
Answer: (c)

27) Eureka!/Meureka! (Greek):
(a) Amazement
(b) I have found!
(c) Attack!
(d) Disappointment
Answer: (b)

28) Magnum opus (Latin):
(a) Magnification
(b) Horrible
(c) Terrific
(d) A great work
Answer: (a)

29) Bona fide (Latin):
(a) Good faith
(b) Good night
(c) Bonus
(d) Benefit
Answer: (a)

30) Au Contraire (French):
(a) Contradiction
(b) On the contrary
(c) Controversy
(d) On one’s contribution
Answer: (b)

Foreign Words & Phrases MCQs for All Competitive Exams [31-40]

31) Fade (French):
(a) Insipid
(b) Improper
(c) Disgusting
(d) Failed
Answer: (a)

32) Bonhomie (French):
(a) Good home
(b) A homely place
(c) Good/friendly nature
(d) A fine house
Answer: (c)

33) Prima facie (Latin):
(a) Primal face
(b) Primitive man
(c) Main facilities
(d) At first sight
Answer: (d)

34) Par excellence (French):
(a) To a degree of excellence
(b) Beyond excellence
(c) Beyond any doubt
(d) Far from excellence
Answer: (a)

35) Mon ami (French):
(a) My love
(b) My aim
(c) My friend
(d) Happy mind
Answer: (c)

36) R.S.V.P. (Respondez si’l vous plaet) (French):
(a) Respond as soon as possible
(b) Reply if you please
(c) Reply is a must
(d) Reply through a letter
Answer: (b)

37) Sine die (Latin):
(a). A fixed day
(b) A signed document
(c) A sin
(d) Without an appointed day
Answer: (d)

38) Vice-versa (Latin):
(a). Assistant
(b) The vice officer
(c) An evil deed
(d) The terms being exchanged
Answer: (d)

39) Vis-a-vis (French):
(a) In exchange
(b) Face-to-face
(c) Tate-A-tate
(d) Side-by-side
Answer: (b)

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40) Beneficiare (French):
(a) Benefits
(b) Bonus
(c) Donor
(d) Beneficiary
Answer: (d)

Foreign Words & Phrases MCQs for All Competitive Exams [41-50]

41) Fait accompli (French):
(a) Something that has already happened and can’t be reversed
(b) Accomplishments
(c) Fate’s doing
(d) Destiny
Answer: (a)

42) Atoile (French):
(a) Elite
(b) Star
(c) Toilet
(d) Tool
Answer: (b)

43) En route (French):
(a) Routed
(b) Passing by
(c) On the way
(d) A crossing
Answer: (c)

44) Bourgeois (French):
(a) A member of the middle class
(b) Beggars
(c) Burglars
(d) A member of a secret society
Answer: (a)

45) Entrepreneur (French):
(a) Entrance
(b) A businessman/enterpriser
(c) Promoter
(d) Presenter
Answer: (b)

46) De jure (Latin):
(a) The jury
(b) By law/right
(c) Of the jurisdiction
(d) By the code of conduct
Answer: (b)

47) Crime de la crime (French):
(a) The very best
(b) Cream
(c) Smooth
(d) Lovely
Answer: (a)

48) Locus standi (Italian)
(a) Local stand
(b) One’s stand for one’s beliefs
(c) The right to bring something in front of the court
(d) Standing alone
Answer: (c)

49) Ad interim (Latin):
(a) In the meantime
(b) Intervening
(c) In the interval
(d) Interfering
Answer: (a)

50) Bonjour (French)
(a) Good man
(b). Good joy
(c). Banjo
(d). Good morning
Answer: (d)

Foreign Words & Phrases MCQs for All Competitive Exams [51-63]

51) Ad referendum (Latin):
(a).For further consideration
(b).For reminding
(d) For the future
Answer: (a)

52) Entente (French):
(a) Entity
(b) Entry
(c) An entire group
(d) An informal alliance
Answer: (d)

53) Dramatis personae (Latin):
(a) Drama queen
(b) Characters of a drama/play
(c) Dramatic personality
(d) Members of a dramatic family
Answer: (b)

54) Lingua franca (Italian):
(a) French language
(b) Frankly speaking
(c) Common language for communication
(d) Language of the majority
Answer: (c)

55) Impasse (French):
(a) A pass
(b) A path
(c) Pass by
(d) A deadlock
Answer: ()

56) In memoriam (Latin):
(a) Memory
(b). Remember
(c) To the memory (of)
(d) Memento
Answer: (c)

57) Anno Domini (Latin):
(a). Before Christ
(b) In the year of Christ
(c) After Christ
(d) Antichrist
Answer: (b)

58) Ad hoc (Latin):
(a) Adhesive
(b) Temporary
(c) For general purpose
(d). For a specific purpose
Answer: (d)

59) En masse (French):
(a) Mass
(b) In bulk
(c) All together
(d) Generally
Answer: (c)

60) Gens de letters (French)
(a) Literary man
(b) Gentle man
(c) Postman
(d) Man of languages
Answer: (a)

61) In toto (Latin):
(a). Total
(b) On the whole
(c) Partially
(d) A totem
Answer: (b)

62) Chef (French):
(a) Cook
(d) Driver
(c) Chief
(d) Change
Answer: (a)
Example: The chef in the hotel next to my house is very talented.

63) Cara Sposa (Italian):
(a) Clear speech
(b) Dear wife
(c) My car
(d) Special person
Answer: (b)

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Foreign Words & Phrases MCQs

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