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FPSC List of 3471 Ineligible Candidates for CSS 2020 Examination

FPSC List of 3471 Ineligible Candidates for CSS 2020 Examination
Written by CSS Times

Competitive Examination-2020, Determination of Eligibility of Candidates Prior to Conduct of Exam

It is submitted that in all 39,630 online applications were received for CE 2020. After processing of data in IT Wing, a list of ineligible candidates was provided. After scrutinizing the applications 3,471 candidates were actually found ineligible due to various reasons and their candidature have been proposed for rejection in terms of CSS Competitive Examination Rules 2019. However, out of these ineligible candidates, 01 candidate has submitted hardcopy of online application form unsigned, who may be allowed to appear in the examination provisionally subject to provision of Treasury Receipt of Rs.250/- as fine in FPSC head of account in terms of Rule 11 (8) of CE Rules 2019. Category-wise detail of rejected candidates is as under: –

Category Reason of Rejection Related CE Rule (s) No. of candidates
A Hardcopy received without original Treasury Receipt. Rule 11 (10 & 11) 624
B Hardcopy received after due date i.e. 11.11.2019. Rule 11 (3) 881
C Hardcopy not received. Rule 11 (3,4 & 11) 1795
D Submitted; printout of profile/ wrong application form/ incomplete hardcopy/ only documents. Rule 11 (3 & 4) 84
E 4th Attempt. Rule 11 (16) 10
F Overage / underage. Rule 6 20
G Educationally unqualified. Rule 8 06
H Not applied online Rule 11 (1 & 3) 49
I Hardcopy received unsigned. Rule 11 (3 & 8) 01
J Candidature debarred on disciplinary grounds by the Commission. Rule 16 (4) 01
Total 3471

Download FPSC Complete list Ineligible Candidates for CSS 2020 Examination ‘PDF’

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