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General Knowledge: Most Important Questions (Part I)

General Knowledge MCQs complete
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

General Knowledge: Most Important Questions (Part I)

1. Who was the first secretary general of All India Muslim League?
(a) Hassan Bilgrami (Correct)
(b) Nawab Mohsan ul Mulk
(c) Nawab Waqar ul Mulk
(d) Nawab Saleem Ullah

2. What was the profession of Fatima Jinnah?
(a) Dentist (Correct)
(b) Teacher
(c) Nurse
(d) Lady Doctor

3. Monsoon season in Pakistan starts in July and end in
(a) August
(b) September (Correct)
(c) October
(d) November

4. Who is called Father of International law?
(a) Hugo Grotius (Correct)
(b) JermmyBantham
(c) Stark
(d) Karl Marx

5. Who among the following is regarded as the “Founder of Soviet Union”?
(a) Kerensky
(b) Trotsky
(c) Karl Marx
(d) Lenin (Correct) | General Knowledge MCQs

6. Who was known as “Man of Destiny”?
(a) Napoleon (Correct)
(b) Nehru
(c) Hitler
(d) Musolini

7. Which is the hottest place in Pakistan?
(a) Sibi
(b) Kashmor
(c) Jacobabad (Correct)
(d) Mianwali

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8. Name the largest museum found in Pakistan
(a) Karachi (Correct)
(b) Lahore
(c) Multan
(d) Islamabad | General Knowledge MCQs

9. First meeting of constituent assembly of Pakistan was held on
(a) 10th August 1947 (Correct)
(b) 11th August 1947
(c) 12th August 1947
(d) 13th August 1947 | General Knowledge MCQs

10. What deadline did the British Prime Minister Clement Attlee announce for granting of independence to India on February 20, 1947?
(a) June 1947
(b) August 1947
(c) June 1948 (Correct)
(d) August 1948

11. Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on
(a) Special theory of relativity
(b) General theory of relativity
(c) Theory of photoelectric effect (Correct)
(d) Theory of Brownian motion

12. Napoleon Bonaparte was the King of:-
(a) France (Correct)
(b) Italy
(c) England
(d) None of these

13. The scientist who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with his son was
(a) Henri Antoine Becquerel
(b) Pierre Curie
(c) Louis De Broglie
(d) W. H. Bragg (Correct)

14. Where is the deepest lake Bekal located?
(a) USA
(b) Netherlands
(c) Canada
(d) Russia (Correct)

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15. Source of Nile River is. What is its approximate length the longest of the world?
(a) Lake Hanna
(b) Lake Victoria (Correct)
(c) Lake Toba
(d) Lake Titicaca

16. What is its approximate length of Nile which is the longest river of the world?
(a) 6670 km (Correct)
(b) 6810 km
(c) 6175 km
(d) None of these

17. Which country is called Land of Rabbits?
(a) Australia
(b) Canada
(c) Spain (Correct)
(d) France

18. The book ‘verdict on India’ was written by
(a) Beverlay Nickolas (Correct)
(b) Charles Nicholas
(c) Peter Nicholas
(d) None of these

19. First Summit of SAARC was held in 1985 in
(a) Dhaka (Bangladesh) (Correct)
(b) Colombo (Sri Lanka)
(c) Kathmandu (Nepal)
(d) None of these

20. Olympic Airways is the name of airline of
(a) Greece (Correct)
(b) Italy
(c) Austria
(d) Romania

21. The conqueror of Central Asia was
(a) Khalid bin Walled
(b) Qutayba bin Muslim (Correct)
(c) Muhammad bin Qasim
(d) None of these

22. In the elections of 1945-46 out of total Muslim seats of 119, how many seats Bengal Muslim League won?
(a) 114
(b) 110
(c) 115
(d) 113 (Correct)

23. “Cathay Pacific” is the name of airline of
(a) Hong Kong (Correct)
(b) Singapore
(c) China
(d) Romania

24. Belgium is also known as:
(a) Play Ground of Europe
(b) Venice of North
(c) White man’s Grave
(d) Cockpit of Europe (Correct)

25. Bundesrat is the parliament of
(a) States General
(b) Germany (Correct)
(c) Cartes
(d) Diet

26. What is the name of Germany’s news Agency?
(a) Belga
(b) SANA
(c) DPA (Correct)
(d) AGI

27. The Winter Olympic Games came into being in
(a) 1912
(b) 1916
(c) 1920
(d) 1924 (Correct)

28. Who has the record of highest individuals score in limited over (ODI) match?
(a) Saeed Anwar
(b) Jayasuriya
(c) Sachin Tendulkar
(d) Warendher Sehwag (Correct)

29. The biggest planet is
(a) Venus
(b) Mars
(c) Mercury
(d) Jupiter (Correct)

30. Diego Garcia is a island in:
(a) Arabian Seas
(b) Bay of Bengal
(c) Indian Ocean (Correct)
(d) Gulf of Aden

31. Which is the busiest seaport of the world?
(a) Singapore seaport (Correct)
(b) Settle seaport
(c) Rotterdam seaport
(d) None of the above

32. The world’s longest glacier is located in
(a) North America
(b) Asia
(c) Antarctica (Correct)
(d) Europe

33 Sumatra Island is under the control of:
(a) Malaysia
(b) Indonesia (Correct)
(c) Russia
(d) Japan

34. Which of the following countries got status of landlocked country on 28th June 2006?
(a) Montenegro
(b) Serbia (Correct)
(c) San Marino
(d) Bolivia

35. A mobile phone sends and receives messages through
(a) Sound waves
(b) Micro waves
(c) Ultraviolet waves
(d) Radio waves (Correct)

36. U. Thante, secretary-general of United Nations from 1961-71 belonged to:
(a) Thailand
(b) Singapore
(c) Burma (Correct)
(d) Brazil

37. Name the famous astronomer of Iran whom George Sarton attributes 64 scientific books and he also worked as scientific advisor to Halaku Khan.
(a) Al Biruni
(b) Ibn Sina
(c) Ibn Battutah
(d) Nasiruddin Tusi (Correct)

38. Name the English dramatist and critic, an active socialist who was awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925
(a) Sir Walter Scott
(b) T.S. Elliot Was
(c) George Bernard Shaw (Correct)
(d) Shakespeare

39. The Adventure of Tom Sawyer, The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn are the works of
(a) Charles Dickins
(b) William Wordsworth
(c) Mark Twin (Correct)
(d) Earnest Hemingway

40. Which one of the following lakes forms an international boundary between Tanzania and Uganda?
(a) Chad
(b) Malawi
(c) Victoria (Correct)
(d) Zambezi

41. Which is the largest fort of Pakistan?
(a) Rohtas Fort
(b) Attock Fort
(c) Jamrud Fort
(d) Rani Kot Fort (Correct)

42. Attock Fort was constructed by the king
(a) Akbar (Correct)
(b) Shah Jahan
(c) Sher Shah Suri
(d) Babar

43. Change in season is caused due to
(a) Revolution of earth (Correct)
(b) Rotation of earth
(c) Inclination of earth
(d) None of these

44. Which is the highest dam in the world with a height of 335 m?
(a) Rogun
(b) Ching Ping
(c) Nurek (Correct)
(d) Inguri

45. Which of the following mineral is used in cement industry and plaster of Paris?
(a) Marble
(b) China clay
(c) Fire clay
(d) Gypsum (Correct)

46. Dr. Ahmad Sukarno was the President of
(a) Malaysia
(b) Indonesia (Correct)
(c) Maldives
(d) None of them

47. On which river Rohtas Fort was constructed by Sher Shah?
(a) Jehlum (Correct)
(b) Indus
(c) Soan
(d) Haro

48. Which country is the world’s largest tea importer?
(a) Pakistan (Correct)
(b) UK
(c) Egypt
(d) China

49. Babar Nama is written in which language?
(a) Persian
(b) Turkish
(c) Arabic
(d) Chagatai (Correct)

50. When the banks were nationalized in Pakistan?
(a) 1971
(b) 1972
(c) 1973
(d) 1974 (Correct)

51. Where is Kallar Kahar situated?
(a) Sialkot
(b) Chakwal (Correct)
(c) Murree
(d) Jehlum

52. ‘Qantas’ is the name of airline of
(a) Russia
(b) Australia (Correct)
(c) Malaysia
(d) Germany

53. Which is the longest river in the world?
(a) Nile (Correct)
(b) Amazon
(c) Volga
(d) Mississippi

54. Southern Cross which is constellation found in the southern region of the night sky consists of
(a) Seven Stars (Correct)
(b) Five Stars
(c) Three Stars
(d) Nine Stars

55. The capital of New Zealand is
(a) Wallington (Correct)
(b) Auckland
(c) Berlin
(d) None of these

56. The first climber from Pakistan to have summated Mt. Everest on 17th May, 2000 was
(a) Nazir Sabir (Correct)
(b) Saima Salim
(c) Numaira Salim
(d) Ashraf Aman

57. Which king was the first to use rockets in warfare?
(a) Hyder Ali
(b) Tipu Sultan (Correct)
(c) Shah Jahan
(d) Jahangir

58. Who was the author of the book “Jinnah: India Partition, Independence”?
(a) Tariq Ali
(b) Imtiaz Gul
(c) Jaswant Singh (Correct)
(d) G.W. Chaudhry

59. In which Indian state is the Sun Temple of Konark located?
(a) Tamilnadu
(b) Orissa (Correct)
(c) West Bengal
(d) Assam

60. Which ruler is referred to as the ‘Mad Monarch’?
(a) Ashoka
(b) Mohammad bin Tughlaq (Correct)
(c) Akbar
(d) Hyder Ali

61. Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic Acid. Deficiency of vitamin C causes
(a) Night-blindness
(b) Beri-Beri
(c) Scurvy (Correct)
(d) None of these

62. Individually who won two Nobel Prizes so far?
(a) Madam Curie (Correct)
(b) Prof Francis Peyton
(c) William Lawrence
(d) None of these

63. Which is the second largest landlocked country in the world?
(a) Magnolia (Correct)
(b) Sudan
(c) Switzerland
(d) Chad

64. Which is the brightest planet in the Solar System?
(a) Jupiter
(b) Mercury
(c) Uranus
(d) Venus (Correct)

65. Which is the most abundantly found metal on the Earth’s surface?
(a) Aluminum
(b) Zinc
(c) Iron
(d) Silicon (Correct)

66. What is the total area of FATA?
(a) 28572 sq km
(b) 27,220 sq km (Correct)
(c) 28225 sq km
(d) 28925 sq km

67. Name the bird having very weak eye side
(a) Kiwi (Correct)
(b) Ostrich
(c) Seagull
(d) Peacock

68. Behman and Bismillah Airlines belongs to which country?
(a) Bangladesh (Correct)
(b) France
(c) Germany
(d) England

69. West Virginia is the name of airline of
(a) USA (Correct)
(b) France
(c) Germany
(d) England

70. Siachen, batoro and chogo lugma glaciers are situated in which Mountain range?
(a) Himalaya
(b) Karakoram (Correct)
(c) Hindukush
(d) Sulaiman

71. Headquarter of United Nations Environment Programme is located in
(a) New York
(b) Geneva
(c) Nairobi (Correct)
(d) None of these

72. The foreign phrase Coup d’dessai means
(a) A first attempt (Correct)
(b) An affair of the heart
(c) Without limit
(d) None of these

73. Which mountain range is also known as “Roof of the World”?
(a) Pamir (Tibet) (Correct)
(b) Lhasa (Tibet)
(c) Allapuzhe (India)
(d) None of the above

74. ‘Sorrow of China’ is nickname of which river?
(a) Yangtze-Hang
(b) River Hwang Ho (Correct)
(c) Long Sea
(d) Cling King

75. Knesset is the parliament of which country?
(a) Ireland
(b) Israel (Correct)
(c) Mexico
(d) USA

76. Name the country with the longest defence budget
(a) Russia
(b) China
(c) USA (Correct)
(d) UK

77. Aero Asia is the airline of
(a) Pakistan (Correct)
(b) Thailand
(c) Indonesia
(d) Malaysia

78. Which is the first private airline of Pakistan?
(a) Orient Airways
(b) Pakistan Airline
(c) PIA
(d) Hajveeri Airline (Correct)

79. Which team won the most overall gold medals in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?
(a) United States of America
(b) Great Britain
(c) Russia
(d) China (Correct)

80. Test Career highest individual score record 400 runs in one innings is held by
(a) ST Jaysuria
(b) DG Bradman
(c) M. Hayden
(d) Brain Lara (Correct)

81. Name the person who took part in the Round Table Conference of 1930-32 and was the first foreign minister of Pakistan.
(a) Chaudhary Muhammad Ali
(b) Sakindar Mirza
(c) Ghulam Muhammad
(d) Sir Muhammad Zafarullah (Correct)

82. Who is called Mussolini of Egypt?
(a) King Farooq
(b) Anwar Saddat
(c) King Nasser (Correct)
(d) Mozart Nake

83. Name the scientist who discovered that the germs of malaria was spread by mosquitoes
(a) Rober Koch
(b) Jeans Jacques Rousseau (Correct)
(c) Peter Muller
(d) Frank Whittle

84. Which is the oldest forest of Pakistan?
(a) Changa Manga
(b) Junpur (Correct)
(c) Chitral
(d) Chichawatni

85. Who among the following is regarded as the “Father of French Revolution”?
(a) Kerensky
(b) Trotsky
(c) Karl Marx
(d) Rousseau (Correct)

86. Before independence East Timor was the part of
(a) Taiwan
(b) Malaysia
(c) Thailand
(d) Indonesia (Correct)

87. What do you understand by Inter alia?
(a) In between
(b) Among other things (Correct)
(c) By the very fact
(d) None of these

88. Before independence Kosovo was the part of
(a) Yugoslavia
(b) Albania
(c) Serbia (Correct)
(d) Bulgaria

89. Malagasy is the new name of:
(a) Madagascar (Correct)
(b) Petrogral
(c) Zaire
(d) Cape Canaveral

90. What is the name of Rome Airport (Italy)?
(a) Subang
(b) Leonardo da Vinci (Correct)
(c) Dorval
(d) None of the Above

91. Which is the biggest fresh water lake in the world?
(a) Chilka Lake
(b) Caspian Lake
(c) Dal Lake
(d) Lake Superior (Correct)

92. The world’s busiest inland waterway is
(a) St. Lawrence (Correct)
(b) Suez
(c) Rhine
(d) Danube

93. Which is the largest animal in the world?
(a) Blue Whale (Correct)
(b) Rhinoceros
(c) Hippopotamus
(d) Elephant

94. Name the youngest elected president of USA
(a) Hanry Truman
(b) John F. Kennedy (Correct)
(c) Andrew Jackson
(d) None of these

95. Name the youngest president of USA who was vice president but had to take over after the assassination of President William Mckinley.
(a) Theodore Roosevelt (Correct)
(b) John F. Kennedy
(c) John Jackson
(d) John Taylor

96. Who made the fastest test century just in 56 balls
(a) V. Richards (Correct)
(b) Chender Pual
(c) Shahid Afridi
(d) B. Lara

97. What day is observed internationally on 5 October?
(a) Children day
(b) Education day
(c) Teachers day (Correct)
(d) Aids day

98. Which day is observed as the world day for water?
(a) 15th March
(b) 20th March
(c) 18th March
(d) 22nd March (Correct)

99. Which is the largest district of Pakistan?
(a) Bahawalpur
(b) Chaghi (Correct)
(c) Karachi
(d) Khuzdar

100. Which is the largest jungle of Pakistan?
(a) Changa Manga (Correct)
(b) Junpur
(c) Chitral
(d) Chichawatni

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