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FPSC CSS Past Papers 2019

General Science & Ability CSS Paper 2019 | FPSC CSS Past Papers 2019

General Science and Ability CSS Paper 3
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

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General Science & Ability CSS Paper 2019

Q2. (a) Deficiency of vitamins causes different human diseases some of which are given in the table below. Choose the correct type of vitamin from the bo and write in front of each disease

Vit. A Vit B1 Vit. C Vit. D Vit. E Vit. K


Disease caused due to lack of Vitamin Name of the Vitamin
1.  Poor night vision  
2.  Bleeding Gums  
3.  Ricket in Children  
4.  Beri-Beri  
5.  Anacmia  

(b) People suffering from cardiovascular diseases have a high level of cholesterol in their blood. This often leads to a build up of fats on the internal arterial walls. Suggest how this might be harmful to the heart (5)
(c) Why the excessive use of chemical fertilizers should be avoided? (5)
(d) Why are scientists worried about the increase of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere? (5)

Q3. (a) Differentiate between the Renewable and Non-Renewable sources of energy giving examples of each one of them. (5)
(b) Give a brief account of Optic Fibres. What is their importance in present day telecom system? (5)
(c) What is the most dangerous part of a hurricane and how do cyclones affect humans? (5)
(d) What’s the difference between vaccines and antibiotics? How do antibiotics and vaccines contribute to health? (5)

Q. 4 (a) What is importance of forests in the economoy of a country? (5)
(b) Give a brief account of Biotechnology. (5)
(c) Do the mammals also lay eggs? If yes, where in the world do they live? Write the name of some of them. (5)
(d) How can the Sun have such a strong gravitational field if it’s made of gases? (5)

Q.5 (a) What does Ozone depletion means and how can we protect the ozone layer? (5)
(b) What are different types of a network? Explain each briefly. (5)
(c) Why an indiscriminate / Casual of Antibiotics may prove dangerous? (5)
(d) Why do atoms from bonds? Name three major types of chemical bonds. (5)

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General Science and Ability CSS

General Science and Ability CSS

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