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Some Geographical Terms of Terminology

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Some Geographical Terms of Terminology

Anticyclones  A region of high atmospheric pressure surrounded by low atmospheric pressure.
Asteroids Small star shaped planetary bodies, moving between Mars and Jupiter.
Atmosphere Cover of air that stretches up to six hundred miles above the earth. If an aero planes passes out of this cover, it will be able to reach any planet without any difficulty, because gravitation does not exert its pull beyond this hemisphere.

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Aurora Borealis Beautiful light of the sunset seen late all night in the North hemisphere.
Axis Imaginary line passing through the center of the earth from North and South Pole.
Bar A bank of sand near the mouth of river.
Bathysphere Inner portion of the earth.
Bore A high tide running up a river.
Cardinal Points Four main directions-North, South, East and West
Comets Stars with long, luminous tails seen from time to time in the sky.
Continental Islands Islands lying near the shore of a continent-
Continental Shelf Sea near the shore of a country and more than six hundred feet in depth. If
Contours Lines of a map drawn through heights of the same live above the sea.
Cyclones A low pressure system area in which the wind blows spirally
Date Line An imaginary line pointing north-south approximating to Meridian 180° (east to west) where the date changes by one day the Foment it is crossed.
Delta A triangular piece of land at the mouth of river. | Geographical Terms
Elliptic The course of the earth round the sun. | Geographical Terms
Equator An imaginary line around the earth at equal distance from the two poles. | Geographical Terms
Fog When the atmospheric moisture touches cold earth and condenses on dust particles. | Geographical Terms
High Seas The open seas away from all countries and not under the control of any nation. | Geographical Terms
High Water The highest point to which the tide comes on the seashore. | Geographical Terms
Iceberg Huge mass of ice separated from glacier in the Polar Regions. These masses of ice float in the oceans with nine parts submerged in the ocean and one part visible. | Geographical Terms
Igloo Eskimo dome-shaped hut. | Geographical Terms

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