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Idioms and Phrases MCQs | English Grammar for Competitive Exams

Idioms and Phrases MCQs English Grammar for Competitive Exams
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Idioms and Phrases MCQs | English Grammar for Competitive Exams

There are so many skills and so much knowledge to acquire that a lifetime is not enough
(a) Art is long, and Time is fleeting.
(b) Art is long, life is short.
(c) The life so short, the craft so long to learn
(d) So vast is art, so narrow human life.
Answer: (b) Art is long, life is short.

Don’t judge by appearances.
(a) Beauty is only skin deep
(b) Handsome is as handsome does.
(c) Never judge by appearances
(d) All the above
Answer: (d)

It is pointless reasoning with a person want to listen to sense.
(a) There are none so blind as those who will not see.
(b) There are none so deaf as those who will not hear.
(c) Both the above.
(d) None of the above.
Answer: (c)

She has been ill throughout her life but has managed to see 87 years of life.
(a) A cat has nine lives
(b) Every bullet has its billet
(c) Both the above
(d) None of the above
Answer: (a) A cat has nine lives

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Every Jack has a Jill
(a) There is a partner in life for everybody.
(b) People are born in pairs.
(c) You need a partner to accomplish every task.
(d) All the above.
Answer: (a)

The thief disappeared _______________.
(a) in a minute
(b) immediately
(c) in the blink of an eye
(d) in front of me
Answer: (c)

He knows the inside out of this business. He has been doing it for ________________.
(a) awhile
(b) a long time
(c) donkey’s years
(d) years and generations
Answer: (c)

The journey was tiring. He had a ____.
(a) tough time
(b) five o’clock shadow
(c) twelve o’clock look
(d) fatigued look.
Answer: (b)

He has almost lost touch with his brother. They see each other _____.
(a) in a billion years
(b) once in a blue moon
(c) in a month of Sundays
(d) hardly
Answer: (b)

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He sold all his stocks when the ______.
(a) time was ripe
(b) time was on his side
(c) moment was right
(d) time honored practice
Answer: (a)

The police has to collect a lot of evidences before they could _______
(a) catch him.
(b) beard the lion in his own den
(c) buckle down
(d) dig in his heels
Answer: (b)

The arrival of MS Dhoni at the event ________ among the cricket lovers.
(a) created an uproar
(b) bounced off the walls
(c) caused the stir
(d) electrified the environment
Answer: (c)

The coach was sure about his student making it to final 13 as he was always willing _________.
(a) to go the extra mile
(b) work hard
(c) work through nights
(d) work till perspiration
Answer: (a)

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I did not like Pizza initially. It’s __________
(a) an acquired taste for me.
(b) a junk food
(c) a foreign food
(d) foreign to India
Answer: (a)

He was keen on getting the land registered in his name and kept _____all week.
(a) pleasing his father
(b) buttering up his father
(c) polishing his father
(d) talking to his father
Answer: (b)

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My dad loves my son a lot. He is _____.
(a) an apple of his eye
(b) a star of his eye
(c) his weakness
(d) his heart
Answer: (a)

The child is quite intelligent. English exam was ___________ for him.
(a) very easy
(b) like butter
(c) a piece of cake
(d) nothing
Answer: (c)

The children had messed the house but they made sure that it was _______before their parents returned.
(a) absolutely clean
(b) in apple-pie order
(c) absolutely well arranged
(d) shining like glitter
Answer: (b)

I still haven’t got the job, I was promised. I think the agent is ________.
(a) leading me up the garden path
(b) making fool of me
(c) playing a trick
(d) deceiving me
Answer: (a)

The actor is born with ________ He has been maintaining his garden himself since so many years.
(a) green fingers
(b) an affinity towards plants
(c) a love for nature
(d) god’s gift for plants
Answer: (a)

The fact that the servant sold off a gold necklace the next day after burglary ______ in the mind of police.
(a) grew suspicion
(b) created suspicion
(c) sowed the seeds of suspicion
(d) created doubt
Answer: (c)

The government is determined to eliminate the cause of Polio _____.
(a) absolutely
(b) from the root
(c) root and branch
(d) from every city
Answer: (c)

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The company has made a huge investment in ______.
(a) gold
(b) silver
(c) black gold
(d) platinum
Answer: (c)

He had given up all the hopes when ______ he was selected into the Indian cricket team.
(a) unexpectedly
(b) all of a sudden
(c) out of the blue
(d) suddenly
Answer: (c)

He was an honest and hardworking employee. The company gave him a ______.
(a) good send off
(b) golden handshake
(c) descent farewell
(d) a lot of money
Answer: (b)

We will launch the new project as soon as we get a ______.
(a) green light
(b) nod
(c) yes
(d) authority
Answer: (a)

The world champions got a ____welcome at the airport.
(a) huge
(b) astounding
(c) red carpet
(d) blue carpet
Answer: (c)

Don’t talk to my father about my girlfriend. It will be like _______
(a) showing a red flag to the bull
(b) entering a den
(c) disturbing a lion
(d) shaking a tree
Answer: (a)

The is no _____ that will put an end to corruption.
(a) silver bullet
(b) magical solution
(c) magic
(d) diamond solution
Answer: (a)

The new club is a _____ All the residents here prefer to go to temple in the evening.
(a) useless construction
(b) white elephant
(c) white ghost
(d) huge expense
Answer: (b)

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