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Important Battles of Islam
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Important Battles of Islam

A battle or Military Expedition in which the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took part in himself with a large army is called in Arabic, غزوة “Ghazwa”. The Imams and Scholars have reported and narrated the number of “Ghazawat” غزوات plural of Ghazwa differently. According to Imam Bukhari (RA) 17 battles took place. Imam Muslim (RA) narrated 19. Hakim (RA) narrated 21. Others have said 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27. Ibn Ishaq (RA) has quoted that 27 is the correct amount and majority of the Muhaqqiqeen have agreed on this number. Ibn Ishaq (RA) narrated that out of these 27 battles, in only 9 of them fighting took place. They are the Battles of: Badr, Uhud, Bani Mustalaq, Khandaq, Bani Quraizhah, Khayber, Fathu Makkah, Hunain, and Taif.

A battle or Military Expedition in which the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not participate in, and instead deputed a group of his illustrious companions in the form of a smaller army is called in Arabic, سرية “Sariya”. The number of “Saraya” سرايا (plural of Sariya’) reported start from 36 up to 100. Ibn Ishaaq has given preference to 47. The Chart below lists the Ghazawat that took place in Islamic History between (2 A.H. thru 9A.H.)

Name of Battle Date of Battle Fighting Occurred No Fighting
Al-Abawa 12 Safar, 2 AH No Fighting
Al Bawaat Rabi al Awwal 2 AH No Fighting
Al Ushayrah Jumad al Awwal 2 AH No Fighting
Al Badr 17,19 Ramadhan 2 AH Fighting
Banu Nadheer Rabi al Awwal 3,4 AH No Fighting
Uhud 7-15 Shawwal 3 AH Fighting
Al Rajee’ (Bir Ma’una) End of Safar 3,4 AH No Fighting
Al Ahzaab (Khandaq) Shawaal 4,5 AH Fighting
Banu Quraizah End of Dhul Qa’da 5 AH Fighting
Dhat al Riqaa’ Rabi al Awwal 6, 7 AH No Fighting
Banu Mustalaq 12 Shaban 5,6 AH Fighting
Hudaibiyah Dhul Qa’da 6 AH No Fighting
Dhat al Qird Shaban/Dhul Qa’da 6,7 AH No Fighting
Khaybar Dhul Hijjah 7 AH Fighting
Muta Jumad al Awwal 8 AH Fighting
Zayd bin Haritha After Khaybar 7 AH No Fighting
Al Fath 10 Ramadhan 8 AH Fighting
Hunayn 10 Shawwal 8 AH Fighting
Autaas 8 AH Fighting
Taif 8 AH Fighting
Dhul Khidmah No Fighting
Dhat al Salasil Jumad al Akhir 8 AH No Fighting
Saif al Bahr (Al Amber) Rajab 8 AH No Fighting
Tabuk (Al ‘Usra) Rajab/Shaban 9 AH No Fighting

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